As an American I am saddened and ashamed of how we have been treating our Vets.
As a Vet I am outraged! 

Many of us SOLR are vets, and or we support our vets.  I am learning that many recently returning vets are truly struggling, and I mean really struggling.  Choosing to eat or pay bills, and or buy needed meds.  Some are losing everything and becoming homeless.  Others still are having to declare "Bank Ruptcy", because of medical and other bills they can not pay.  Many struggle with PTSD and someone to talk to.

I would like to start a SOLR Help our Vets group.  Plan rides, fundraisers, collections of food and other needed items, care package drives, etc . . .  that we could then use to help these struggling men and woman who have served our country.

Is there Anyone else out there willing to step up, get involved, participate.

We can do this state by state and corporately

Anything we would do, get, receive, will 100% go to a needy Vet.

Will you help, will you get involved, will you stand up and help?

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I agree, help is needed even with the families during deployment.  I know for a fact while their deployed and when they get back there are government entities that will help if called upon. 

Been supporting them here in MN.  I belong to CSOAF and the North Branch American Legion Riders and both groups work to help vets and their families.  We've helped those that we hear about, problem is that so many won't ask for help until it's too late.

I am in contact with the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon network and County Veterans Office and have gotten some referrals there.

So many of the vets go undetected I found that it takes a lot of feelers throughout the area to snag a vet in trouble.  it seems there is a lot of help out there but it's all piecemeal, or government run and untrusted.

Thanks Airman,

Yes, most will not ask for help, and when you offer to step in or step up to do so they don't want it or  . . . . .

I have several I have recently ran into but only have so much resources on my own.

I'll make contact with the organizations you mentioned and see if we can get them some more help

Check out the Local American Legions, VFW's they are there to help fellow veterans.


~ MAY 16 2015  ~ ARMED FORCES DAY~           

This Armed Forces FreedomRide began in 2010 and is held every year on Armed Forces Day~ Armed Forces Day is a day to honor every segment of the United States Military.

The purpose is to Honor Armed Forces Day,and to Salute all those in Military,of the past,present,and those that still stand severing today, that have put their lives in danger for our Country,and and what they do everyday to protect the United States 

          "Freedom Is Not Free"          

Here is the link to Freedom Ride by state;



And many other states!  Check it out @


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