Hey CA Patriots,

   As I briefly mentioned at Saturday's meeting, we need to choose a state issue to support or oppose in Sacramento. I would like some suggestions from all of you.

    I know many truck drivers in the state are fighting CARB on outlandish vehicle emission controls...controls that have NOTHING to do with air pollution. Should we align ourselves with them on this issue?

    Any other issues that stand out as needing our support/opposition? Please let me know what you think.

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Maybe we could support the NO CARB bill folks and perhaps grow our group in the process?
Kenny Byers

I agree, many truck drivers also ride bikes. Some of our members are truck drivers already.


CARB is something I do know about, for my company I run a fleet of over 150 road units and close to 1000 portable engines ranging from 49hp to over 4000hp all permitted thru CARB. I have spent countless hours with the Air Resource Board and went through at least 20 classes from them. I know that it is an Evil Empire, altho i believe a necesary evil one. I believe California needs something like this. I can explain later if you or anyone else wants any info about CARB or why California needs this Evil Agency.

I would like us to get behind the Second Ammendment battles here in Cali, there is alot going on that we need to be aware of. We are close to doing away with the 10 day waiting period, closer to being a shall issue state and then further away from a no registration state and the evil gun grabbers are close to a law that will make all new semi auto hand guns illegal.



  You probably have a better understanding of the whole diesel particulate issue that most of the rest of us.

  And I'm always one to stand up for the second amendment. Let's see what other comments come up and we'll decide which way to go.


   How about making an effort to stop Assembly bill 1134, which attempts to take the responsibility of issuing a CCW from the Sheriffs and giving it to police. Local police are MUCH more likely to reject a request for a CCW than Sheriffs. Go here and share, SHARE, share:


In Liberty,



   A bill that requires our support is AB1154, which keeps personal information about CCW permit carriers from the public view. We don't need leftists attacking CCW's at their homes or businesses. There will be a hearing in Sacramento on the 21st. It would be great if any patriots in the area could attend.

Time to make a couple of phone calls California!

Anti-gun bill, SB 347, and pro-gun bill, AB 499, are expected to be heard on Monday, May 4.  Action is needed!    Please contact the members of the Senate Committee on Appropriations urging them to OPPOSE SB 347 AND contact your state Assembly Member urging him or her to SUPPORT AB 499.


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