The seriousness of the situation cannot be overstated.

That corpgovmedia monopoly is dutifully spreading subterfuge and fraudulent propaganda bytes far and wide is clear.

Those who stand on constitutional principle must need to assist in getting the truth of the matter where a leacherous corporate form of governance acts against the constitutional republic. Bring into the light of public purvey, in other words: put truth in front of The People , the ones holding authority over hireling public servants!

Some facts on the history of the matter on Harney Basin Oregon:

Some facts on the who and what comprises members of the various alphabet soup FEDGUV corp squads:

Though many of us here are Viet Nam era, we have a role in keeping the Republic free from invasion by foreign interests.

I encourage all who are cognizant, capable of independent thought and self governance to weigh in with thoughtful consideration. Thanks  


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Unfortunately the whole thing was a mess to begin with.  They SHOULD have gotten more support than they did and the PPN and Idaho III%ers were a FAILURE!  SADLY now that it's over it will probably fade away except for those who are dealing with this and those who might find themselves involved in the mess after the feds execute the warrants.  It DID speak volumes to me about what the "III%ers" and "Patriots" are about! (which disgusts me) 

No comment until some one brings me up to speed. I have missed out on a lot  and so sorry I did not support some thing I should have.


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