Another loon city council member from Mt. Vernon,IA Dishonors his oath of office, limiting the 1st Amendment if a citizen wishes to speak about the 2nd!

Says we have no right to protect ourselves from the government!

Thanks dave kohl

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Here's a Police Chief in Pennsalvania that truley understands the original intent of the 2nd amendment and is asking the community to volunteer for a reserve force in case the federal government makes an unconstitutional move against the 2nd amendment.

Well, let them come to my home and see what happens.

Inside every politician is a tyrant trying to get out!

What sorry sack of s*** council member said that? I watched the video, a lose for words right now.

 I do not enter my gmail  account anymore, and I will not for a while, a choice, but this video is not politically correct in its formatting, but I did find it damaging in the information.

 Hillary Clinton You Will Not Become the President-YouTube

 After reviewing a great deal of data, videos and the Bill Clinton Sex Video Media News, Hillary Clinton You Will Not Become the President Of The United States Of America.

Hillary Clinton's DNC Watergate Scandal Part 2 dncplaybook Wikileaks


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