As of now I do not support an Article V convention,  as I believe that a constitutional convention is not the right way to stop the federal assault on our Constitution and the freedoms it protects.

Please use this discussion and post any and all links, posts and information both for and against an Article V Convention here without personal opinions except those backed by solid proof so the information shown will help inform rather than persuade.

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There is no way to provide solid proof. The ambiguity of the Article, and the fact that no convention has ever been held, precludes such proof.

We can only reason, with what we have got, and decide based upon that reasoning.


  Thank you for your help on this!! You are a treasure to me and this group!

actually the transition from articles of confederation to the constitution .......was exactly what an Article V can do, it was in essence an Article V Con Con.

My point is not that in this case it was a bad thing. However, the point is that the entire Constitution is at risk, when a Con Con is in proven when they met to convert the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution.......again, they will tell us there are immovable safeguards...........anyone trust their Govt? state or Federal? 

Deane mentioned that Soros is supporting a Convention. This alone should raise all kinds of red flags. Deane, can you substantiate this?

Here is one link that mentions Soros and an article V convention

Wow, I missed this one earlier, Wolf Pac and the "Move to Amend" Coalition are also a supporter of this. Another huge RED FLAG!! Great information Deane. Thank you!!

I have been waiting to see another solution from any one of you Sons of Liberty Riders, and I haven't. We know that more of what we have been doing brings very limited results if any. Our voice is not heard and our demands are disregarded by our representatives. Our rights are being stomped on and rather that tax us we get regulated permitted licensed fees fines and even carbon taxed. Fundamentals of life are being priced out of reality such as water electricity food. Our jobs are made to polluting to have in our country so they all went to China and other parts of the world, then we sent any work we could somewhere other than America. The people are dependent on the government hand outs that are all on credit. There is no money to pay for anything. How can we just give some other country a trillion dollars to help them? We are never asked and we are never paid back. All reasons to do something, GOT MILK?   

To curb the federal government, We must do things we have neglected for over 100 years: Reclaim our role as “the natural guardians of the Constitution”; Learn our Founding Principles & Documents; Enforce them with nullification and by rejecting candidates who don’t know them by heart; Stop relying on politicians to handle things;  Reclaim personal responsibility and get ready for a rocky road ahead.

Here are a couple of short articles that pertain to the subject of the Constitution:

Let's Talk About the Constitution 

The Constitution is NOT a Suicide Pact 

This is fantastic, Powerful and very thought provoking! Thank you for this!!!

It takes a lot of reading to feel good with the Convention of States. Roger posted a ton on the comment wall here they are

Much safer than war and right now we do not have our constitution so what is the fear except your imagination. Our freedom fighting leaders are out there but they need the forum to have a place to do the work.

                                                  ACTA NON VERBA !!     


   That article hits the nail on the head. Nullification is the real answer, we can stand against unconstitutional laws without risking loosing our constitution altogether with a Convention. Levin missed the mark on this one, and an Article V constitution would open the door for the socialists to rewrite it to fit THEIR agenda. From the article:

    "Unfortunately, many otherwise well-educated and well-meaning conservatives have succumbed to Levin’s siren song and they have gone so far as to deny the constitutionality of nullification and to insist that an Article V convention is the only way to restore the balance of federalism in our Republic."


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