Watching Boehner in these "Fiscal Cliff" negotiations is making me sick. I can't stand to watch him. Republicans need to dump this fool. The Grand Old Party is not working. He is negotiating as a loser. Yes, the Useful Idiots re-elected Obama, but they did not vote Dems back to power of congress. You could assume that is a mandate to keep Obama spending in check. Dump Boehner ! Its time for new a crop of leadership on that side of isle.

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We need a Libertarian in his place, someone who will honor the constitution.

I don't understand why they elected the cry baby in the first place, but I'm sure that obama was not elected and won by fraud and a lot of rigged votes.

This is what it is to live in the left side of the government spectrum. Please someone take us to the center. 

Its an unfortunate state we are in. Our side; Libertarians/ Conservatives/ Constitutionalist etc..are represented by old entrenched Republicans that are enept. For the most part they act like liberals lap dogs. They negotiate from a postion of weakness. They don't even seem to realize that Obama wants to go over the cliff. Higher taxes, and cuts to our military. What more could a liberal want ? We need someone able to get out in front of the people, and make sure they know this is Obamas cliff, and keep hammering his blame for the situation. It will probably need to be a Republican unfortunately Michael, because our system favors only 2 parties. Sue I believe they stole the elections as well. Especially after watching what happend to Alen West in Florida who had no support from Boehner. The problems is it was close enough that they were able to steal it. We should have had much stronger numbers against his re-election, but at this time we lack leadership.

I recently attended a local TEA party meeting, and the guest speaker was Bill Whittle. The man is quite inspiring, I highly recommend checking out his on line show "The Stratosphere Lounge". He also has a Facebook page.

One of the thing he said, that really hit home for me, was that we need to change the way society perceives Republicans/Conservatives. Because the liberals have domineered the TV, Movies and "news" broadcasts, the general publics perception is that Democrats are for the people, and Republicans are for the rich.

We need a blitz media campaign, showing liberty being the true conservative cause. Run ads showing Lincoln "freeing' the slaves, and casually mention he was a republican. Run an ad showing the KKK at a rally and casually mention they were established by the Democrats. Feature some great leaders who wouldn't back down in a conflict, and kick some butt, like Teddy Roosevelt. We need to change the public perspective, they have been lied to for so long, they believe it.

I have a sick feeling that you are right or I should say correct. The cliff ain't s*** compared to the last four years. I hope it happens and I hope we get the credit for the whole thing, that is to say the right witch isn't right in fact they are the left of center. We have the most confused oligarchy in the world and it reaches through out the political spectrum in this country (America). We know it ain't a Republic and hasn't been for over a century. We have moved right through Democracy in about ten years, and here we are living in an Oligarchy. The land of what seems to be one man rule but is really rule  by a group of czars and committee.

President Reagan once said that he didn't leave the Democratic Party but it left him. I feel that way now about the Republican Party. I registered as a Democrat when I was 21, I changed to the Republican Party when I was 40 and now at 65 I am going to change Party again. I just don't know which one. More than likely I will register as an Independent for the time being.

I understand John. Many Repubs feel disenfranchised . Dems are successfully dividing, and conquering the right. After this last election I'm convinced there needs to be a revolution within the Republican Party, before we can bring about a revolution in our government.
Here's an article from American Spectator with an idea for replacing Boehner . if only we could find 16 repubs with balls....


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