We've all been watching the events in Nevada surrounding the BLM's use of force against a rancher whose family has grazed public lands since before Nevada was even a state. Even though the BLM and other government agencies have left the area, and returned the cattle to their rightful owners, they WILL be back. Our government is way to arrogant and power hungry to ever admit they are wrong.

   We, as a patriot organization, should be in full support of the ranchers in Nevada. I, for one, joined this organization for exactly these type of events. I am asking all California members to be on high alert, and try to be ready to roll out to Nevada on short notice if things escalate once again.

   California SOLR is the closest group in SOLR to the event. For those of us in SoCal, it's only a 4 1/2 hour ride to Bunkerville, NV. I know it's quite a distance for NorCal, but we'd welcome any riders who can come that far.

   I will inform my employer that I may need to leave on a moments notice, I'm lucky that my job is fairly flexible that way. I know some of you don't have that kind of flexibility, but do what you can.

   If you think you can join in on such a ride, please comment, so I know who to call on should the occasion arise.

  In Liberty,


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I will definitely try should the occasion arise. I believe the only way to beat back our over reaching government is for all patriots to show up in numbers.

Great Shawn, thanks for the support!

The Newman for California Governor campaign team, including Robert Newman, are prepared to go at a moments notice. What other candidate for CA governor would dare take part... especially during an election cycle? I don't even hear any them talking about it, let alone preparing for it! Double Down!!

That would be great!

Im ready brother, planing to go there saturday the 19th.

Are you riding or driving?

The latest from Stewart Rhodes via Oathkeepers:

Greetings Patriots,

   Ken, Roger, Garrett and myself just returned from our trip to the Bundy Ranch. I'll write a detailed review of our observations tomorrow. But for now, I wanted to let everyone know what a pleasure it was to be in the company of so many level headed patriots.

   The threat from big brother is currently gone, we only saw a few Nevada Highway Patrol vehicles parked at a truck parking area on the way into Bunkerville. Even they were gone when we rode home today.

   Oath Keepers are taking shifts watching for returning agents, and are requesting help in doing so from anybody that can. I will try to get out there and pull a shift myself.

   We met with Michael Vanderboegh, founder of the III% movement, and Stewart Rhodes, founder of the Oath Keepers. This was an honor for us, considering how much both these men have done for the patriot movement.

   We attended a presentation last night with multiple speakers, including Michele Fiore, an assemblywoman from the area. It was good to know some politicians still represent the people.

   We also saw plenty of armed civilian militia. I found that quite refreshing, knowing my back was covered if anything was to happen.More to come tomorrow,

More pictures to come.

I'm always in, just let me know and I'll be there!!!

  Our trip started off a little cold, the guys from Bakersfield joined me in Tehachapi which is usually 10-15 degrees cooler than Bakersfield. By the time we got out across the California desert on highway 58, we were pretty comfortable. We turned north onto highway 15 in Barstow toward Las Vegas. The weather and scenery were fantastic, a good time of year to be riding across Nevada. The only law enforcement we observed were a group of Nevada Highway Patrol at a truck parking area. They were gone on the return trip, however.

  The turn off for highway 170 (the road to the "first amendment site"), is about an hour north of Las Vegas, and we arrived around 2:15 or so. We could see the flags, banners, and "We the People" flag poles when we arrived, along with several RVs and campers from fellow patriots joining the cause. Down along side highway 170 was a group very old, run down buildings facing the Virgin River. It looked like a homestead from the 1800's (This was not the Bundy ranch, but a neighbor's property who gave permission for the patriots to gather there). Clive Bundy was giving a "press conference" when we walked up. I doubt if anybody present was from the mainstream media, probably all patriot web site
bloggers. All the folks there were quite friendly, and gracious, and happy to see patriots from California supporting them.
   We were informed that the main presentation would start at 5pm, so we headed up to Mesquite, NV to check into our rooms before returning. When we got back, there was a small crowd of about 50-60 people present. We had an opportunity to meet and talk to Michael Vanderboegh (founder of the III% movement) as well as Stewart Rhodes (founder of the Oath Keepers). We spoke to a couple of other bikers that were present, and of course, handed out lots of SOLR cards to those interested in our group.
   The PA system was not working, so all those speaking had to speak up. Mike Vanderboegh was the first to speak. The man looks a little frail, since he's been fighting cancer. But when he got up to speak, his determination was intense. He gave a very inspirational talk, and compared what the feds did to "poking a wolverine with a stick, and getting their balls chewed off!"
   We also heard from Sheriff Brad Rogers of Elkhart County, IN. He spent his personal vacation time to come and support the Bundys. He mentioned that he had managed to chase feds off a farmers property in the past. A true Oath Keeper.
   Stewart Rhodes spoke,as well as a couple of other Oathkeepers, (and there were a lot of Oath Keepers there). Members renewed their oath together, and I, myself took that oath for the first time (although I am not a vet or LEO). Perhaps the biggest thing the Oath Keepers stressed was the need for a rotating watch. We know the feds will be back, Harry Greid even said so. We can't let our guard down, and some of these folks have been there for more than a week already.
   Michele Fiore spoke about her support and she mentioned another assemblyman who was acutally out there standing watch. I'm sorry, I did not get his name. Nonetheless, it's good to know we have some representation.
   The entire program was videoed, and hopefully will be posted on YouTube. I'll be sure to link to it if and when it appears. We left feeling like we should have done more. Both Ken and I are planning to come back and take a watch shift. It will take a lot of patriots and a lot of vigilance to keep the feds at bay. In the mean time, the best we can do is spread the word.
   As is often the case, the ride home was longer than the ride there. California must be uphill from Nevada......

Here are a couple of good links:
  To get alerts and emails from the Bundy's sign up here:
  For information about Harry Greid:
  The Constitutionality of the land grab:
  A video on the Harry Greid cover up:
  And a government study about the Desert Tortoise vs Cattle. (Turns out cattle may actually improve Tortoise habitat!):

Lots of truthful signs.

Ready for the next protest.

We were surrounded by "Domestic Terrorists"........

.....of every size!

Clive Bundy speaking to those who would listen.

The old ranch homestead.

The Virgin River. I suspect this is not only a "Land Grab", but may also be a "Water Grab".

I should also mention, that there were several patrols of armed civilian militia riding around the hills in ORV's, keeping watch. It's a very large area to cover and protect.

During the presentation, they invited all the patriots present during last weeks stand-off, up on stage.

Stuart Rhodes speaking to our SoCal VP, Ken. Ken has been working to build the Oath Keepers in the Bakersfield, CA area.

Our Road Captain, Roger Smith, with Mike Vanderboegh.

Sheriff Brad Rogers.......

A true Oath Keeper all the way from Indiana!

The "Press" conference.

Michele Fiora, a real representative of the people (and easy on the eye, too!)

Some of the Oath Keepers......

......presenting a banner to the Bundy family.

And some preferred to remain anonymous!


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