We've all been watching the events in Nevada surrounding the BLM's use of force against a rancher whose family has grazed public lands since before Nevada was even a state. Even though the BLM and other government agencies have left the area, and returned the cattle to their rightful owners, they WILL be back. Our government is way to arrogant and power hungry to ever admit they are wrong.

   We, as a patriot organization, should be in full support of the ranchers in Nevada. I, for one, joined this organization for exactly these type of events. I am asking all California members to be on high alert, and try to be ready to roll out to Nevada on short notice if things escalate once again.

   California SOLR is the closest group in SOLR to the event. For those of us in SoCal, it's only a 4 1/2 hour ride to Bunkerville, NV. I know it's quite a distance for NorCal, but we'd welcome any riders who can come that far.

   I will inform my employer that I may need to leave on a moments notice, I'm lucky that my job is fairly flexible that way. I know some of you don't have that kind of flexibility, but do what you can.

   If you think you can join in on such a ride, please comment, so I know who to call on should the occasion arise.

  In Liberty,


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Brother Mike, I am planning another trip there in mid May. I have ordered 5 cases of MREs to give to those guys out there and will be ordering more in the future. If any one is going and driving please shoot me a message. 661-444-9737

I'd love to join you. Just remember I'm committed to the Freedom Ride on the 17th-18th.

hey , was it true that a executive order to fire was disobeyed by the blm, who said they would not fire on familys?

I had not heard that. There are a lot of rumors about this flying around, I'd take that with a grain of salt. However, I wouldn't put it past our current government to place such an order.

Here is the link to Mike Vanderboegh's speech at Bundy's Ranch on 4-19-14.

Thanks Roger, I was looking for that!

Anyone heading to Bundy Ranch would do well to listen to this extremely important radio interview. It tells what you should bring, what to expect and who to report to:

Here is a video of the presentation we attended when we were there on the 19th. Very inspiring in my opinion:

Leave it to me to be the buzzkiller... Sorry Oathkeepers "501c" the rest of you get it...

  There are two sides to every story. It seems "divide and conquer" is a tactic being used against patriots everywhere:


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