Greetings Patriots,

     It has been my experience, that when confronted with a verbal, or an on-line debate with Liberals, we can almost always win, as long as we keep our cool, and keep some facts at our disposal. If we stick to facts and logic, we reduce our Liberal opponent to the irrational fool they are for everyone else to see.

     For example, I was responding to someone who commented on a post by a mutual friend. I can recreate it verbatim, but it went something like this:

Liberal: The TEA party is just a bunch of racists.

Me: Really, how do you know? Do you know any members of the TEA Party?

Liberal: No, but everyone KNOWS they are just racists.

Me: Everyone, like the MSM? Like race baiters? I know a few members, and not one of them is racist.

Liberal: Your use of the term MSM tells me that you are a Faux News fool.

Me: I don't believe any media "news", I do my own research. And, you haven't answered my question yet, do you know any members of the TEA Party?

Liberal: (attaches link showing various hillbilly looking people holding signs with racists epitaphs).

Me: I saw your link, just pictures of racists. How do you know any of these racists are members of the TEA Party? They look like Democrats to me. Besides, how do you explain the South Central Los Angeles TEA Party? South Central is an all black inner-city suburb. ( And what about Allen West? Or Herman Cain? They were supported by the TEA Party.

Liberal: These guys are fake, and you're just a f**king racist yourself.

Me: You've reverted to ad hominem attacks, and still have not provided me with any facts. You LOOSE!

    He never responded to my last comment. A day or two later, it happened again, same guy, same pre-programmed liberal perspective. Once again, I was able to ask questions I knew he couldn't answer, and provided links to sources when I answered his questions. I often bookmark web pages that have such facts to use as ammo when in these debates. It gives me great satisfaction when the last post by the opponent is an emotional attack, that means I won!

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Good point!

The goal is not so much to win, for winning sake, but how we win. We win with facts, and not by leveling insults. You'll never get anybody to change their perspective with insults, but you can with facts. And if you pose questions, this might make them think. If the Liberal walks away from the conversation with unanswered questions, he/she might actually take the time to do a little research and seek the truth.

It doesn't suprise me people just talk with there eyes and not with facts


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