Did you know that Connecticut, of all the states that issue concealed carry permits, ranks second most restrictive behind Massachusetts. We have not reciprocity with any other states, we have no Castle Doctrine, and the list of places we cannot carry a gun legally continues to grow. With the liberal minded congress in this state and the daily shenanigans of Obama and his clowns. We better be ready to be loud and clear about our gun rights.

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We need to pay close attention to the people running in the upcoming elections. I belong to another group starting to get involved with sending surveys to candidates. Right now that I know of no one surveys candidates.... only those already elected are rated.

Themis Klarides is one of my reps now. Shes rated pretty good, the other two reps have an "F".

You can take a look at the surveys.

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Whats funny about Connecticut's concealed carry laws, is that a LEO can cite you, or even arrest you if you are carrying with a concealed permit, but with the pistol in plain view. CT Concealed Carry laws the way they are written is that CT is a MUST conceal state.

I just recently returned to CT from South Dakota, was stationed in the military there. I could open carry if I chose, and since I had a concealed carry permit, I had the option to do either (except when riding motorcycles it had to be concealed and you had to have a CCW). Connecticut as one of the Original Thirteen Colonies and Founding States of the United States has got it all backwards. There are TOO many laws, and not enough enforcement of the laws that make sense.


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