I signed up with Sons of Liberty Riders after our guns were confiscated by law enforcement agencies. Here's the story: http://www.sjvalley-times.com/view/full_story/14435838/article-Righ.... I'm in Northern Maine - St. John Valley. I want to start a petition to get our family's guns back. We need to change our gun laws in Maine. Anyone want to work with me on this? I can be reached at 207 436-5201.  

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Hey Paula,
We're in Bangor right now. Meet with several yesterday who are ready to come on board. Mark Brown and Joe And Karen Savoy. Meeting Mark this morning. Where are you located?
I just saw your location on my blackberry. I'll get you hooked up with the Bangor folks. We need to organize in each voting districts or combined regions of the state. I'll call you this morning or you can drop me a note at dhwing97@gmail.com


Why didn't he apply for a pardon? The law would have had no grounds for a search. It sounds like he was targeted.


I'm glad you mentioned the Maine state constitution... I'm in the marine corps currently but I'd be glad to do what I can when I get back... I should be back in oxford hills area in mid september...


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