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Sons Of Liberty is a NON-violent, law abiding gathering of like minded Patriots. We stand united AGAINST ANY acts of violence or illegal activity The Sons of Liberty Riders does not endorse or tolerate radical, extreme, violent or racial postings. There are sites on the Internet where these beliefs are welcome; this is not one of them.

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Comment by Chris McLouth NY-President on Friday

Here's something else for you all to be watching and telling others about. For some "odd" reason, on the ballot for elections this year, they combined the "Stop Common Core" and the "Libertarian" parties on the same line.  Regardless of how you vote, this is unacceptable and we need to speak out about this.  Call your local boards of election and demand they get this fixed.  I have already heard rumors that there are lawsuits in motion.

Comment by Chris McLouth NY-President on Thursday

Call your state reps to "shoot" this Bill down!!!

USA :: Gun Control   ::   Print this Article
10-07-2014 7:35 pm - Cathy Burke - NewsMax
In the wake of a first-in-the-nation law authorizing the confiscation of guns from people who post a threat, a New York state lawmaker is introducing legislation that would permit "anyone who's concerned" to have a person's guns seized.

Democratic Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh, who represents Manhattan, told New York Public Radio his bill was modeled on a new California law prompted by a May 23 rampage near the University of California, Santa Barbara, in which six people were fatally stabbed or shot and 13 others wounded in the community of Isla Vista. 

The parents of 22-year-old Elliot Rodger, who took his own life in the siege, had called law enforcement prior to the violence to no avail.

"So this is a bill that would permit family members or friends or medical professionals or law enforcement or really anyone who’s concerned that somebody having to access to guns poses a serious danger to go to a court and present evidence of that, and if the court were persuaded, they would be able to issue a temporary order preventing the person from acquiring or possessing guns," Kavanagh told WAMC.

"[I] t’s not just about those kinds of mass shooting incidents," he added. "There are often situations where something bad happens and we look at it and say, somebody must have known and somebody should have done something, but the truth is that New Yorkers and people in many other states don’t really have tools to act in that situation, and this bill will give them those tools."

Kavanagh first announced his effort in a release from his office. 

Brian Malte of the Brady Campaign said a similar effort is planned in Washington, D.C. But the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association called the legislation "redundant," covering ground already outlined in New York's Safe Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act.

"It’s a typical election year, election time piece of legislation that’s not going to do anything to make anybody safer," Tom King, the association's president, told WAMC.

"Every piece of anti-gun legislation that has been passed since I have been involved in the Rifle & Pistol Association has been touted as being the piece of legislation that’s going to end gun violence in America," King said. ""When is the media going to smarten up and when are the people going to smarten up and understand that we have to deal with the core issues, not what people are telling us are the issues."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


- See more at:

Comment by Chris McLouth NY-President on Thursday

Take a minute to welcome another new member, Steve Waite.

Comment by Chris McLouth NY-President on Wednesday

Make sure to welcome our newest member Lava!

Comment by Dave Conway on October 3, 2014 at 2:47pm

Will probably see her tomorrow morning at the Honor Flight escort. Thanks

Comment by Chris McLouth NY-President on October 3, 2014 at 1:28pm

Here is a link for the file if anyone else would like it.


Comment by Chris McLouth NY-President on October 3, 2014 at 1:26pm

On its way!!!

Comment by minute-man on October 3, 2014 at 1:21pm

GREAT DAVE !           Get IT ON

BTW, 'my sister' in Liberty, my wonderful friend Melody Burns

already has a copy of these -an ever so slightly different copy,..

but "good enough for who its for"  LoL !

GET''EM OUT THERE!  I think you all will be pleased with the reception you will get from them...   Thanks everyone.

Comment by Dave Conway on October 3, 2014 at 12:40pm

Thanks minute man...Chris, you have my email, can you forward me the word doc and I will start passing the cards out in the Albany area.

Comment by minute-man on October 3, 2014 at 11:02am

EVERYONE: There is only ONE (1) MOST important MISSION for the next 5 weeks;

DEPOSE Andrew Cuomo by ELECTING Rob Astorino Governor.

If not kiss your civil rights goodbye,..and that means not only your firearm rights, but ALL OF THEM because once the tyrant ogre KNOWS not enough people cared to even go vote, and he can 'get their guns' so to speak, he will KNOW he can do ANYTHING to NY citizens and get away with it. Because they will be powerless to say otherwise...Motor vehicle laws, Motorcycle rights included... You name it.

Think about it. 

--Think long and hard about it-- if enough people did not vote against him, how many of those same people will come to -your- aid when the gummint comes to take what lawfully belongs to you? What kind of "backup" have you got ? ....really.

With all due respect,..the he11 with fighting for 'fair tax freedom' right now... if you don't work your azz off getting RID of Andrew Cuomo with all you have within you for the next five weeks, you can kiss ALL your 'RIGHTS' goodbye.

By the way: some of us have created, and are getting printed a double sided POCKET -SIZED "Comparison" card to be handed to every last citizen we can hand them to.

The concept is simple; everybody complains about taxes, the price of food, -of gas. Of everything.

Where have you been lately that people are NOT complaining?

Well when you run across one of these folks, -in grocery lines, at the Doctors Office, at the tire store, in the park, at the Mall...  -wherever,  -you hand them 2 to 4 cards, and nicely say "well I believe here's part of the solution... -and give a couple to your friends too..." that way, WE let THE CITIZENS themselves do the "door to door campaigning" for us, for Rob Astorino, and for our FREEDOM.

I will send Chris a WORD document of this cards image by regular e-mail. Please contact him for a COPY of them. Then, go and get 5000 printed up at your local print shop & start handing them out to EVERYONE you encounter; Democrats, ...Republicans, ...'independents' ...EVERYONE. After all, everyone will be voting come Nov. 4 -right?

We are getting these 2 sided color cards done @ about 3.5 cents each locally here in southern NYS   ---REALLY CHEAP---
If some of you and your buds put a few 20's together -and consider it your donation to Freedom, you can easily get these things printed up and SPREAD out throughout the State.

We must win THIS thing this time brothers,.... or else.


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