I'd like to organize a local (Polk County, NC) 911 ride to commemorate the US lives lost in Benghazi, Tripoli last year.  Can anyone in our NC group offer advice on what I need to do in order to do this as a Sol event?  Time is short.  I'd appreciate any contact numbers of members to call.  Many thanks.  

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Sounds like a great idea.  I wish Polk County were not so blasted far from Raleigh.


Do you have any idea on how to get a thumbs up from SoL leadership on the use of the Sons of Liberty name in

marketing the event? 

Dick,  I'm still working for the man so am more of an attender than a stand-out leader like you.  I would contact Tripp or whoever the NC leader is now for ideas.  These guys tend to run it well.  Meanwhile, I like your initiative of ... "Here is what we plan to do, does anyone have a concern."  Good luck on your ride.

Thanks Michael.   I'm in contact now with Reed of NC and Shawn Alan in CA.   That's a good start.  If I'm successful in getting it set-up, I hope you'll get all the details on this site.   Depending on where you're located, I'd be honored to have you join the ride.    

Okay.  I'm going ahead with planning for this event and time is short.  I plan to set up this memorial ride primarily for bikers in the area and I'll be using the SoL name and logos to promote it (banners, flyers, etc). Why .... because it's a perfect fit.  I've borrowed the idea from Sean Alan in CA who is organizing one on the coast (his is the original I think).   Unless there any objections or restrictions conveyed to me in the next 2 days by either the NC or national leadership (end of business day Thur, 8-15), I'll be in a full press advertising and networking the event.  Just so you know, I've attempted to make contact with state and national teams without success.  Maybe I don't have the comm. on this site figured out yet, but I have tried! 

Hi Dick, I am going to try and take a vacation day and join your ride. It sounds like a great idea.

I live in Arden so let me know if I can help.


Hey Jack,

Great.  Thanks for the offer.  Last night I spoke with Dan Garner and a few national SoLR members.  They gave me a thumbs up on being a named sponsor of the event, so that's a huge plus for promotion.  I'll be posting the event and details on the site once they're finalized.  At the event, please grab me and introduce yourself.  See you on the 11th.  

Dick,  probably a small thing but ... I see the "Events" Section right along the side of this discussion ... it would be good if some of the national/state folks you spoke w/could tell you how to get this event posted there as well.

Hi Michael,

Definitely.  Just as soon as I lock down a couple more details, I'll submit the event for posting.  Do you think you might be able to join us?

Having just failed the final building inspection on the addition ... I'm under lock and key until this is done.  If my schedule opens up (which has not happened lately) I'd love to join you guys.  Past few years I've been doing just Raleigh rides ... I hope John Fogerty is wrong about some day never comes.

once the event on event section i will send a blast via the national system of email....that should help.

You can count me in, Dick. I'll be there and I will help spread the word. We really need to do something about what's happening to this great country, and this is great place to start. Wouldn't it be awesome if 50 bikes showed up. 


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