GRNC (Grass Roots North Carolina) is our source for this information concerning gun legislation and most gun-rights issues in the state.  Here's a complete list of gun bills that are in the state legislature awaiting action.  In our opinion, the most critical ones are in BOLD print.  Following the list is a sample letter you can use to prompt action by your representative to move these bills forward into law.

HB33- Would restore the firearms rights of those citizens convicted of nonviolent felonies before December 1, 1995. This bill passed by the House by a vote of 113 to 2 and sent to the Senate where it was referred to the Senate Rules Committee. 

HB69 - Constitutional carry bill. Would make it lawful to carry a concealed handgun in North Carolina without a permit. This bill has been referred to the House Judiciary I Committee. If it is approved, it will then be referred to the House Finance Committee. 
HB134 - Would repeal the requirement to submit a mental health record release form with any application for a pistol permit, and would require any court records concerning any mental health history be released to a sheriff upon request. This bill was amended twice and passed in the House by a vote of 113 - 2. It has been sent to the Senate and referred to the Senate Rules Committee.
HB145 - Would repeal the provision in the NC Constitution allowing the regulation of concealed carrying of firearms. The bill has been referred to the House Rules Committee.
HB157 - Amends the process by which those who have been restored to mental competency must undergo to regain their right to possess a firearm. Referred to the House Rules Committee.
HB174 - Would allow a CHP holder to carry a concealed firearm on education property, that serves as both a school and a place of worship, during hours when the school is not in session.  The bill was amended by the House and passed by a vote of 82-34. The bill has been sent to the Senate and referred to the Senate Rules Committee. 
HB201 - Would allow concealed carry of a firearm without any permit (Constitutional Carry), the ability to purchase a handgun without a pistol purchase permit, and would leave the concealed handgun permit system in place for reciprocity with other states. The bill has been referred to the House Judiciary I Committee. If it is found favorable, it will then be referred to the House Finance Committee. 
HB251 - Would empower holders of concealed handgun permits to carry on the grounds of state universities and community colleges in North Carolina. Referred to the House Judiciary IV Committee. This is the House version of S204.
HB345 - An omnibus bill which makes several amendments to existing NC gun laws to include: Redefining the statutory definition of educational property in terms of the lawful carrying of firearms, authorizes legislators with CHPs to carry in the NC Legislative Building, and redefines the act of Going Armed to the Terror of the People by clarifying that the mere "possession or carrying of a handgun, whether openly or concealed" does NOT constitute such a charge. It appears the state has to demonstrate the weapons is "unusual and dangerous," and that the intent was to "cause terror." The aforementioned charge is a catchall sometimes misused against those possessing a firearm in public when no other statute appears to have been violated. It seems the idea here is to address that problem. The bill has been referred to the House Judiciary I Committee.
HB438 - Would modify existing requirements for obtaining concealed handgun permits to include: clarifies the meaning of mental disorder, mandates sheriffs who require appointments to schedule them within 10 days of the applicant advising that the required documentation has been collected, and requires the sheriff to issue or deny permits within 90 days of the application date regardless of whether mental health records are received. This is in response to reports that some NC sheriffs are holding applications much longer because they have not received mental health records from health care providers. This bill has been pulled from the Judiciary I Committee and referred to the House Judiciary IV Committee.
HB588 - The latest omnibus bill, it would leave it to the discretion of the sheriff to request any mental health records solely for determining if a pistol purchase permit would be issued, requires anyone holding a mental health related court order on a pistol purchase permit applicant to provide those orders to the sheriff upon request, would authorize those with CHPs to carry on specific educational property, would authorize legislators and legislative staff with CHPs to carry in the state legislative buildings, would make going armed to the terror of the people a Class 1 misdemeanor, but that mere possession of a concealed or openly carried firearm would not in itself constitute any such violation.  This bill has been pulled from the Judiciary I Committee and referred to the House Judiciary IV Committee.
HB612 - Would direct the NC State Board of Education to develop a firearms safety course which could be offered by local education boards as an elective in high school. The class would not be permitted the use of live ammunition. The bill has been referred to the House Education Committee. If it passes, it will then be referred to the House Judiciary I Committee.
HB723 - Bill would repeal Stand Your Ground in NC, expand the consequences for allowing a prohibited person or minor in your home should they obtain a firearm you left unsecured, require any lost or stolen gun to be reported to law enforcement within 48-hours, require sheriffs to notify NICS if they deny a pistol permit, mandate gun owners to acquire at least $100,000 in liability insurance thereby making it much more difficult for lower income citizens to own firearms, would repeal the present 50-state reciprocity for CHP's and require the NCDOJ to annually evaluate other states' permit-issuing policies before renewing or granting any reciprocity agreement, would make it illegal to possess a magazine capable of holding over 15-rounds (Class 2 misdemeanor), but would grandfather those owned before December 1, 2017, and would place the burden of proof on prosecutors to prove otherwise, would divest any public funds from investment in any firearm manufacturer stocks, would establish a Gun Violence Restraining Order mandating the surrender of all firearms and ammunition for cause. The bill's language as to the specifics of how such orders would be petitioned and adjudicated is extensive. It has been referred to the House Judiciary I Committee. If it passes, it will then be referred to the House Rules Committee. 
HB746 - Another Constitutional carry bill that would empower concealed and open carry without any permit, and with the usual prohibitions. It would also maintain a CHP system in order to accommodate reciprocity with other states.  This bill has been pulled from the Judiciary I Committee and referred to the House Judiciary IV Committee.
HB817 - Would repeal the pistol purchase permit system. Referred to the Judiciary I Committee.
HB836 - Mandates specific language for private property owners who post prohibitions against concealed carry, and requires such posts be in both English and Spanish. Referred to the Judiciary I Committee.
SB57 - Would allow a military retiree to use a military ID indicating retired status, rather than having to produce a military DD-214, when applying for a pistol permit. This bill is currently referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. If found favorable, it will be re-referred to the Senate Rules Committee.
SB204 - Would empower CHP holders to carry a concealed firearm on the grounds of state universities and colleges in NC (Campus Carry). This is the Senate version of H251. The bill has been referred to the Senate Rules Committee.
SB251 - Would protect Social Security numbers collected for the purpose of Concealed Handgun Permits by showing only the last four digits on the statewide access system that is available to clerks of court and LEOs. Bill has been referred to the Senate Rules Committee.
SB385 - Would allow those convicted of a non-violent felony to petition the court for a restoration of their gun rights ten years after having their civil rights restored. The bill has been referred to the Senate Rules Committee.
SB465 - Would empower mayors, city council members and county commissioners who have a CHP to carry a concealed firearm in courthouses while acting on official business, with the exception of courtrooms. The bill has been referred to the Senate Rules Committee.
SB503 - This bill's stated intention is to enact online pistol purchase modernization; however, it's unclear how it would work. First, it repeals the pistol purchase permit system. It then requires "every dealer in firearms" to conduct a NICS check when a person purchases a handgun, and then the dealer would be required to notify the sheriff electronically of the purchase within 10 days. Since the bill does not define "every dealer in firearms," it is unknown if this would be true for private sales as well. Expect the North Carolina Sheriffs' Association to vehemently oppose it, especially since they would no longer collect $5.00 for each permit. The bill has been referred to the Senate Rules Committee. 
SB513 - Would apply the same measures prohibiting the possession or purchase of firearms to those persons under a Civil No-Contact Order as is true under a Domestic Violence Protection Order. The person would be required to surrender all firearms AND ammunition to the sheriff who would store them. The sheriff could charge a "reasonable fee" for storage (whatever "reasonable" means) and the sheriff incurs NO liability for any damage to the firearms which may occur. Pursuant to NCGS Chapter 50C-7, Civil No Contact Orders can be made permanent. The bill has been referred to the Senate Rules Committee. 

Dear Representative:

I just learned that the Republican Caucus, as a group, has banded together to sell out gun owners. I’ve also learned that they have done this because they fear a veto from Governor Cooper. This raises the question: why is our Democrat, anti-gun governor calling the shots for the Republican super-majority?

It is clear that there are several Republicans who have gone weak-kneed on gun rights. Rather than holding floor votes on gun bills, leadership has decided to run cover for the weaker Republicans and suffocate the bills, saving the anti-gun Republicans from being exposed as such. If House Republicans choose to stand as a group against gun owners, Republicans will be held accountable as a group.


I am aware that current pro-gun legislation has not been irretrievably shelved, and you still have the power to salvage it and bring it to the floor for a vote. I must insist that you take every possible action to make this happen. Do not thumb your nose at gun owners this session. Do the right thing and we can turn this around, and even override any of Gov. Cooper's vetoes.

I will continue to monitor your actions on this matter through Grass Roots North Carolina legislative alerts.


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