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911 BENGHAZI TWIN TOWERS Memorial Ride 2017 2 Replies

Started by Dick Shaughnessy, NC Pres. Last reply by Dick Shaughnessy, NC Pres Aug 22.

After Constitution week.

Started by Shipp "Shippreck" (NC) Jul 29.


Started by Dick Shaughnessy, NC Pres May 12.

NOTES from NC Chapter Mtg, SAT 1 Apr 2017

Started by Dick Shaughnessy, NC Pres Apr 3.

NOTES from the State Officer Mtg - SAT, Nov 12th, Candler NC 1 Reply

Started by Dick Shaughnessy, NC Pres. Last reply by Dr. Dan Eichenbaum Nov 21, 2016.

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Comment by Jack Stein on April 27, 2017 at 10:16pm

This sounds like a great undertaking dick I will help out all I can. My son is being married on 5-21. So I wont be able to make the event.

Comment by Shipp "Shippreck" (NC) on April 27, 2017 at 12:38pm

This is an exciting opportunity to educate some of the public of the importance of the Constitution and the need to speak about politics. You vote right?  Then how about learning, so you can Vote Right!  Two of the churches whose representatives I have spoken to have stated, " We stay out of politics"   These are EXACTLY the churches who could benefit the most from the Black Robe Regiment and it's purpose!  This and the much publicized (lack of)  Freedom of speech issues in our country  today, are exactly what SOLR needs to step up and defend nationally! 

Comment by Dr. Dan Eichenbaum on April 27, 2017 at 10:41am

To our Brothers in the Sons of Liberty Riders and American Patriots.

There is no better way to commemorate Constitution Week than to celebrate our patriot pastors without whom our nation probably would not exist. 


There was a time when the pulpits of our nation were on fire.  The church was the center of a community, a house of worship, meeting place and social venue, its clergymen the righteous and moral leaders.  In addition to the teachings of the church, pastors were educators who had the means and ability to share the same messages of faith and moral values to all citizens of the community whether child or adult.  


Sermons from the pulpit often included messages pertaining to liberty and tyranny and the imperative of protecting the first and defending against the second.  Courageous and patriotic pastors did not hesitate to come out from behind the pulpit, take up arms, and stand alongside their congregations to fight battles in defense of the very cornerstones of America . . . faith and freedom.

I urge you to read my article about the Black Robed Regiment on my website on the link in this post. 

Let’s work together to make Constitution Week 2017 a success.

Dr. Dan

Dr. Dan's Freedom Forum - Black Robed Regiment

Comment by Dick Shaughnessy, NC Pres on April 27, 2017 at 8:28am


We've contracted to have a major stage production of the 'Return of the BLACKED ROBED REGIMENT' presented to audiences in various locations across western North Carolina.  This is an ambitious undertaking and will take a huge effort to be successful. We have a number of members and non-members helping, but more volunteers will be needed.  The other challenge is fund-raising. The cost is substantial, though we're confident financial support will come.  A brief overview follows.  We're working hard to find the right venues and extend invitations to groups and organizations who will embrace the messaging and content of this program.  If you would like to help, please comment back! 


Asheville Tea Party and the Sons of Liberty Riders are partnering with Dr. Dan’s Freedom Forum to bring the Black Robed Regiment to Western North Carolina during Constitution Week, September 17th – 23rd , 2017. 


The concept of the Black Robed Regiment has deep roots in American History, particularly in our struggle for independence. The patriot preachers who are remembered as members of this esteemed legion of warriors come alive once again via Pastor Dan Fisher's highly acclaimed Black Robed Regiment presentat...


The Sons of Liberty Riders of NC are only to pull this off because of DR Dan's (our VP) connection to Pastor Dan Fisher, whom Dr Dan has interviewed on his radio program.  As we piece together the moving parts of establishing dates, times and locations for this event, we're looking for venues in various locations that can accommodate larger crowds (perhaps 200 on up).  We're also seeking out a local minister/pastor (to join our steering committee) whose passion for his country and liberty is revealed in his words and actions.

The messaging of this program is really twofold.  (1) It's telling a story of courage and passion for liberty and (2) It's an appeal to the present day ministerial community to embrace the same passion for liberty that has been stifled by the federal regulation and intimidation.

If you believe that it's high time to lift up Christian values and morals to American institutions without fear of reprisal or ridicule, join us in the great initiative.

Comment by Dr. Dan Eichenbaum on April 7, 2017 at 4:03pm

Simple, Shipp.  They gave The Donald several bikes that he has already said he won't ride.  We just ask for one of his. 

It's like the story about the Weary Traveler who comes to a local hotel and asks for a room.  The desk clerk says, "We have no vacancies tonight." 

The Traveler then says, "I bet that you would have a room if the President came to this hotel tonight."

The clerk replied, "Of course, if the President came, we would find him a room."

The Weary Traveler replied, "Well, he isn't coming so I would like to stay in his room!"

Comment by Shipp "Shippreck" (NC) on April 7, 2017 at 11:27am
Dan, how can we get HD to give SOLR's a bike? Maybe you can ask the Donald how this is done? Some guys have all the luck.
Comment by Dr. Dan Eichenbaum on April 6, 2017 at 8:34pm

James and I (plus Vohn Busby and friend) won't be arriving until Friday afternoon at the hotel in Herndon.  We plan to attend all SoLR events and the RT ride.  Leaving for home Monday morning like we did last year.  My guess is that most congressmen will not be in town as it is a holiday weekend.  We could try to visit with the The Donald, of course.  HD offered him some new bikes, so maybe he'll ride with us.   

Comment by Dick Shaughnessy, NC Pres on April 4, 2017 at 10:37pm

David ..... we can visit the Capitol during RT, maybe even get an appt at the Capitol. Let's get input from other NC members who are going. We should be able to set more than one appt. FYI: the SC team is not scheduled to attend RT.

I'm requesting a tour of the Pentagon for FRI, May 26th. David Shipp, myself and our wives so far will be going. If anyone else is going to be in town and wants to join us, let me know NLT this FRI, Apr 7th.

Comment by Shipp "Shippreck" (NC) on April 4, 2017 at 3:37pm

Rolling Thunder; SC has mentioned making it a point to visit their congressman while in DC.  I think that is a great idea.  Any thoughts? Other years I have left on Sunday so that wasn't even a consideration, this year Dick and I will be around a day or two later.  Which Representative? 

Comment by Dr. Dan Eichenbaum on March 29, 2017 at 1:27pm

Shippreck.  Glad you are back from your travels.  Look forward to seeing y'all Saturday.  See you next time Jack.

Dr. Dan


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