There is a lot of controversy on this. On the con side is Talbert Black of Palmetto Liberty and Rep. Jonathan Hill of Anderson County.

They say this is dangerous legislation that has the power to rewrite the Constitution.

Who is on the pro side and what is the argument?

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Here is a good article showing reasons, with examples,  to oppose a Constitutional convention;

Here is another good article

A discussion on FB:

The second half of Article V was designed to correct an issue with the Constitution. There are no rules! All your links describe different means to amend the constitution but can't point to any rules. Once the constitutional convention is called, any thing can happen. One vote per state? Or may be use the electoral college? One electoral for each congressional district plus two. Who will be the "honest " delegates? Will they be all Liberals? How many Liberal State legislatures are there? How many Liberal States are there? No guarantees and way too risky in today's environment! The same thing happened with the Philadelphia convection which was called to amend the Articles of Confederation. They decided on their own, in SECRET, to eliminate the Articles of Confederation that they were sent to amend! Oh but it will be different this time. We will call it for specific reasons, and they will have to stick to the rules.!!! REALLY!!??????>!!! Why? Where is THAT written?? All you Pro Articled V will send people to read link after link to make it so one finally gives up. It is a fools journey to think that state legislators will act honestly and make any legislature that will do more or any better than simply RESTORING the Constitution. You say you are against big government, but then want Government to tell you that you can't vote for a particular candidate, because, even though he is doing a great job, there will be term limits. That is just a catch phrase for, " We can't reform The election process and campaign finance" We need Government to tell us we can't vote for this guy again! So then you suggest we need a balanced budget amendment. NO we don't, A balanced Budget amendment owon't stop congress from spending more than they have budgeted. There is already a clause in the constitution for what Congress is allowed to spend! RESTORE the constitution. Obey it, don't change it! Article V convention is smoke screen to destroy the Constitution. There are no rules. It sounds great until you study it! Have you even read it? Show me the rules! Better yet, we finally have a president who is attempting to follow the rules and is being demonized at every turn. Why not get involved. Write every time he goes astray. Write your congressman. Write your Senator. We finally have social media where you can find out facts that the main stream does not tell you. RESTORE the constitution!!! ARTICLE V CONVENTIONNO!!!

Jim Heminger to David Shipp: Your suppositions are so wrong, it's hard to know where to begin. First an Article V Convention of States is NOT a Constitutional Convention. There are very strict rules in place that assure that highly partisan ideas could never survive the process. 34 States must have applications stating identical issues to discuss in order for a convention to be called. You need to know that history shows a total of 400 applications have been processed over the years but none have reached that 34 State threshold. The current push has three identical topics for discussion and 12 States have completed the process. Thirty some other States are somewhere in the process of completing their application. Once the 34 State threshold has been met a convention can be called. Each State will send an undetermined number of delegates to the convention with the understanding that they will limit their discussions to the three stated topics or they can be recalled and/or fined and jailed. Each State will cast one vote for amendments or laws that come out of the convention. Any of these laws or amendments that get a majority must then be voted on in every State in the Union and cannot be ratified without a 3/4 majority or 38 States. What is there about this process that makes you so concerned? The intent is not to radically change the Constitution but instead drag us back to what the original founders intended.

Mark Shaw Jim, where are these rules found?

Jim Heminger to Mark Shaw ,

Proposed Convention Rules

These are the proposed rules for a Convention of States, compiled by state legislatures and…

Mark Shaw Thanks, Jim. It is a nice suggested framework, but I don't see it carrying the weight of rule of law yet. I believe the first Constitutional Convention was called as a convention of states so I think it's somewhat like the semantics of calling the representatives delegates or deputies. It would be interesting to see if the heavily populated states (CA, NY, etc) agree that Wyoming or North Dakota have equal representation. Perhaps they can make the rules legal lawfully so there is a legal foundation before voting on new laws?

David Shipp to Jim Heminger I absolutely love the argument that this is not a Constitutional convention. Where do you find article V? is that not the constitution? Are you not advocating a COS, based on Article V? So is it the constitution that you use to say that our founders made just such a safety net for us to use? this is exactly the double talk that PROVES the Article V convention of states is nothing more than a fools errand to destroy the constitution. As I mentioned earlier, It is all double talk with links to here and links to there to just make people tired of reading and throw up their hands and say, oh well, I just can't understand this. Similar to methods that Communism, and Islam use. I agree with Mark Shaw. Don't believe these people are smarter than you and understand something you don't. Any one who thinks a COS is a good idea is being duped! If the rules are proposed and NOT in the constitution, ( We are not following the Constitution now) what makes any one think the proposed rules will be followed.? It is ALL circular BS

David Shipp to Jim Heminger Nothing I said was a supposition! Every thing I said is based in FACT. Every thing you state is circular or proposed, or supposed. take any item by itself. show me your facts.( Again I ask have you even read Article V?)

“Article V of the Constitution has only 22 words about a convention for proposing amendments, but the most important is the word ‘call.’ Since only Congress can ‘call’ the convention, it means that states have no control over who can be a delegate, who makes the rules, who sets the agenda, or who wields the gavel.” (Phyllis Schlafly; May 23, 2016)

David Shipp to Jim Heminger Another example of your suppositions from your own words, showing No real plan or rules. :" Each State will send an undetermined number of delegates to the convention with the understanding that they will limit their discussions to the three stated topics or they can be recalled and/or fined and jailed.

" Understanding”??? How did that work out for Charles Ponzi? Did he have an understanding he may be jailed if he broke the law? “Undetermined”? What rules? Proposals? I propose you may drive at any speed on any highway in the US you decide. Let me know how that works out for you.

David Shipp These are your words; "The intent is not to radically change the Constitution but instead drag us back to what the original founders intended." The intent of the first convention of states was to amend the articles of Confederation. What is so hard to understand that intent and consequences are NOT the same thing. Will you be one of the delegates? Do you have any idea who the delegates will be? the answer is NO. Will Hillary Clinton be involved? How about George Sorros? He is one of the ones promoting this idea. (He would love to see the constitution destroyed so he can have more control) Will he be a delegate? Will he be able to buy votes? Trust me, Jim, I do not take you for a stupid person, I am saying you have been duped. Some very honest and smart people have fallen for all kinds of schemes. This is not a good idea. You have already addressed some of my arguments with circular reasoning, try going back and looking for facts, instead.

David Shipp By the way, you state that there are "very strict rules in place" and then you give a link to "proposed " rules. Another example of circular.

“New York has written circular letters to the legislatures to adopt the other mode of amendment, provided also by the Constitution, that is to say, to assemble another federal convention. In this way the whole fabric would be submitted to alteration.” (Thomas Jefferson; December 25, 1788)


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