There is a lot of controversy on this. On the con side is Talbert Black of Palmetto Liberty and Rep. Jonathan Hill of Anderson County.

They say this is dangerous legislation that has the power to rewrite the Constitution.

Who is on the pro side and what is the argument?

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Pro - Why?

The authors of the US Constitution included the Article V Amendment process because they studied human nature.  They knew that ambitious men would corrupt our republic; note:  Ben Franklin's quote ... "a republic, if you can keep it."

It is our duty and responsibility to keep the delegates to the Convention of States on task.  Their scope of power is limited by Article V and us; ref.

Currently, our oppressors in office have daily Constitutional Conventions that violate the letter and spirit of the original US Constitution.  We have nothing to lose.  This is our last legal resort.  What comes next, if this should fail, will be ugly.


If I thought we could add amendments to balance the budget, institute Fair Tax, etc, that would be great. However...

I am shallow on this topic. What keeps the gun-grabbers from crashing the party and voting to repeal the 2nd Amendment? Also, given that the politicians currently violate the law of the land, what will make them obey any amendments? 

All you and "Doc" say is true.  Does that mean we don't try this valid constitutional solution?

Do you know your SC state lawmakers?  They usually have a local office, a local home, and maybe a local business that they might own.  You can meet with them much easier than our Congressional Representatives and US Senators.  When's the last time you had a chance to talk with Senator Tim Scott or Lindsey Graham?

Use this link to find out who represents you in Columbia.  Meet with them or their staff.  Most local staff are required to file a report on constituent contacts.  Tell them that you want to know their position on the Convention of States.  Ask them what THEY can do to prevent your concerns from becoming real dangers.

These people work for US!  We pay their salaries.  Tell them what you want...the "takers" have no problem telling them.

Good luck and keep up the good fight ...

With "Sacred Honor",


Thanks, Armand. Very good recommendations. You understand our fears. I would love for you to contact both Scott and Graham, interview them on this topic, and post their replies here. That would be a tremendous help.

Also, please see the Events Tab and join us in Cola on the 16th if you can. Would love to meet you.


BTW, you may not be able to reach Scott of Graham very quickly, but members of their staff can likely respond to any questions, or get back to you with good responses. Please do pursue this for us.

I guess I was not very clear.  Graham and Scott are the problem! 

Your local SC state representatives and state senators are the solution in the Article V Amendment process.  That's why I attached the SC government link... SC State Senators...

SC State Representatives ....

It's up to YOU and men/women like YOU to contact them!

I have contacted my NYS Assemblyman Brian Kolb and NYS Senator Mike Nozzolio.  The are trying to get the NYS legislature to pass the Convention of States application in New York...

Here is some information for SC to join the fight ...

Hmmmm, this is a SC house resolution bill, not a federal bill. and you're right, that it would limit the amendment to the specifics of the bill. So no need to worry about other amendments being changed.

It would be our state reps we need to contact, not US. I just texted Larry Martin. I'll let you know his response. Also, I'll likely see him next week while in Cola.

Off hand I can guess his response would be that we already have term limits... every election. He has my cell number in his contact list... we chat often.

My concern would be that we may not be able to limit what gets amended and by whom..Liberals would  surely band together to dilute or destroy the 2nd or 1st amendments...Is that a pandoras box we even want to open?   

Sen, L. Martin said the bill to call for Article V Convention for the purpose of term limits made it out of committee. He doubts it will be voted on this year, though.

If we can't get congress to adhere to the constitution now, how are we going to get one person from every state who will be picked by congress to do what they are supposed to do?  Their power is NOW limited by the constitution. How is that working out?  The original Constitutional convention was supposed to re write the articles of confederation. Did they do that?  NO . We were just lucky to have people like John Adams , Ben Franklin ,  George Washington to keep every things in alignment.  We also had South Carolina's,  Charles Pinkney  who brought the rough draft that was merged with the Virginia plan. It was all a miracle.  Miracles do not often happen.  We would be much better off to get "we the people" to concentrate their efforts on election constitutional representation.  Instead we concentrate on who might be president and ignore all the local elections until we get to the polls.  A constitutional "Article V" convention is a very dangerous thing.  There is NO way to control it.  How many politicians do you know that make all kinds of promises and then do exactly the opposite when elected. The same will happen in a convention. It is illogical to think there is any  way to control it. History proves other wise. Ambitious men will try to make things work in their favor. Control what we have.  Stand up and protect those who are doing the right thing in Congress and expose those who are not.


I replied with an attachment Word document.  Also, I will read the two articles you recently added.  Please, let me know what you think.


I have been traveling with only a phone for internet! I will be home soon and will respond to your absurd document when I can. In the mean time, have you even read article 5? It sure doesn't seem like it! You seem like be pulling "facts " out of your hat!


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