The Personhood bill is being introduced in several states. In SC it is Bill 217. This Discussion is being added to allow SoLR members to express their views.

I recommend reading the Bill before commenting.

SC Personhood Bill 217


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Good clarifying amendment to S217 drafted...

Lord willing, on Tuesday February 13th, S217 will have a good amendment added and then be voted successfully out of Judiciary Committee. 

The Personhood Act of SC is about stopping the killing of babies yet to be born. The Personhood Act of SC is NOT about harming pregnant mothers or doctors, NOT about removing fertility treatment and NOT about removing contraceptives.

During this discussion, we must not allow for any Pro-Death Exceptions to be added to S217. 

Personhood SC supports the proposed amendment brought forth by Senators Goldfinch, Climer, Rice, Timmons and Cash: Read the amendment here. This single amendment will address three separate questions associated with S217.

First, life of the mother language will CLARIFY situations where the pregnant mother experiences a life-threatening medical emergency. This CLARIFYING language makes it clear the doctor’s decision-making will not be impacted by The Personhood Act of SC while also emphasizing that it is never acceptable to intentionally kill a preborn human being. The language is tight, leaving no room for deceitful abortionists to kill babies.

Second, an IVF statement will CLARIFY that S217 will not outlaw IVF that does not intentionally kill a preborn human being.

Third, a contraceptive statement will CLARIFY that S217 will not outlaw the use of contraceptives that do not intentionally kill a preborn human being. These are all good and acceptable clarifications that do not infringe upon a preborn baby’s right to equal protection under the law.

Personhood SC VEHEMENTLY OPPOSES the addition of any Pro-Death exceptions to S217. There is never an acceptable reason to intentionally kill a preborn baby. Any such “exceptions” are immoral violations of the unalienable right to life endowed to us by God.

The rape and incest exception must be rejected. The circumstances surrounding a person’s conception do not impact that person’s unalienable right to life. Killing a baby because of the crimes of its father is obviously wrong. Punish the rapist, not the baby.

Furthermore, abundant data now PROVES abortion harms the pregnant woman, both physically and emotionally (read more here). Killing her baby never solves a woman’s distress in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy. It only makes it worse. Many brave women now rejoice greatly as they raise their child conceived in incest or rape. Visit for more information.

Next, the “fetal malformation” exception must be rejected. The level of health of an individual does not impact that person’s unalienable right to life. Killing a baby because it is sick is obviously wrong, and only brings more suffering into the life of that mother. Killing her sick baby just makes the mother suffer more (read more here). 

Finally, the state of SC has an excellent Safe Haven law that allows a mother to safely transfer her baby to a designated Safe Haven in SC without any fear of legal repercussions. Read more about SC's Safe Haven law here.

Please be in prayer to the Lord God for success on Tuesday!

And, you can join us for a FB live update and Q&A tonight, Feb 7 at 8pm!

Sincerely in Christ,
Personhood SC Board

The Rape and Incest Argument: In neither case did the infant commit the crime, why punish it? In each case the rapist/father should be punished, not the baby. That is just plain wrong.

Status of the Bill?

It's up to Sen. Massey to bring the bill up for debate:

Personhood South Carolina added a new video: Will Shane Massey help Personhood or do nothing? 

As Rules Committee Chairman and Republican Majority Leader, only Senator Shane Massey has the power to begin the process of bringing Personhood up for debate. He can fight to overcome the filibuster threat of the Democrats, but there are only a few days left for him to do it.

Tell him not to roll over. Tell him to fight the killing of innocent babies.

If Sen. Massey is your senator, please contact him and urge him to bring the Personhood Bill up for debate.

What can you do this week?

We need to continue to urge our senators to give S217 special order. As always, PRAY for a breakthrough in the Senate. Ask God to move our senators to protect the preborn in our state by giving this bill a chance to be debated and passed.

We need to continue to contact Senator Shane Massey. As the Majority Leader of the Senate and Rules Committee Chairman, he has significant authority. He should use that authority to give S217 special order. Later this week we will be sending more information on Senator Massey's resistance to S217 and how we can urge him more pointedly to use his influence to protect preborn babies.


The South Carolina Senate chose not to give Personhood special order this week. So Senate Bill 217 is still stuck on the contested calendar. We will continue to pray and work to get this legislation passed, working all the way up until the session ends on May 10. We are deeply grieved the South Carolina Senate is not taking steps to end the murder of innocent babies in our state. Now that S217 has missed the crossover deadline (April 10), if S217 passes the Senate, it will need a 2/3 vote from House to even be heard in House.

Given the House leadership and the Governor have both promised to sign this bill, the responsibility rests squarely on the South Carolina Senate for failing to take steps to end abortion.

The following seven GOP senators are responsible for holding this bill up. Please call them and email them them every day, asking them to immediately bring Personhood For special order and pass it without delay.

Massey, Leatherman, Bennett, Campbell, Rankin, Campsen, Senn

Also call the following Democratic senators and ask them to pass personhood without delay:

Reese, Jackson, Williams

Pray for all these Senators by name before the Lord every single day, asking Him to turn their hearts towards immediately rescuing the innocent under their care.


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