Hillsdale College recently sent me a questionnaire with the following list, asking me to pick only the top TWO:
What makes America great?
A. Limited government under the Constitution
B. Religious liberty
C. The ethic of self-government and personal responsibility
E. The culture of private charity for those in need
F. The culture of entrepreneurship
G. The system of free enterprise
H. The idea that all human beings have a God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
I. America’s record of defending freedom
J. The rule of law
K. Other (specify)
Any opinions?

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In my humble opinion (If I could only pick two) it seems to me the H & G gave us the opportunity to develop the others on the list. 


I would say A and H. This is tough because the others are also very important.

I hate to be the pessimist but The United States is not Great. It may still be better than other countries, but since I have not traveled the world I don't know.  If we actually followed the constitution then all of these other items would fall into place. We don't have the rule of law. We have law for those who can't afford to or know how to defend themselves. We have no laws for the privileged. People like Comey or Hillary.  Defending Freedom? When have we done that? We seem to defend oil. God given rights. Then why are there so many trying to allow our country to be infiltrated to over run those rights. Does our Government fight for our God given rights?   Do we have freedom of speech?  Do we have teh right to run our busines the way we see fit or do we have to bend over for regulations and hire worthless employees because of the color of their skin their sex or even sexual preferences,  or their age?  Do we have god given rights? Can I buy what I want? Can I travel where I want? or do I have to have Governments permission.  First I have to pass a test. Free enterprise?  Doesn't Government regulate every aspect of free enterprise?   Don't we have to pay for the privilege of enterprise?  The culture of entrepreneurship?  I don't even know what that means.  Do we have that?  Or do we accept that we must first pay for our rights? Private Charity for those in need?  No! we have what ever money we might be able to give, stolen so some one else can make the determination of who gets what charity. It is passed out as Medicaid or food stamps or even aid for foreign countries. Do I have a choice?    Religious Liberty?  Churches are so concerned about offending the government in order to keep their tax free status they do not know what freedom of religion is. Limited Government, you have to be kidding.  So is "America" great?  Just because it is better than the next best thing does not make it great. It could be great.  I personally see Trump trying to make it great. Congress is blocking every good move he tries to make. Only by trickery is He is still managing to make a difference. Perhaps if he gets two terms,we will be much closer.  MAGA  (On a side note, Are we asking about America, which includes all of north and south America or the United States? Do we even know how to use our own language any more or are the Globalists lulling us into thinking we are part of one world? ) What a bummer! 


For someone that doesn't want to be a pessimist I think you nailed it. :-) ......But, I think you a are transposing the word "Great" with "Perfect". As someone who has lived or worked in 13 separate countries we do live in the "Greatest" country ever established on this on this earth. Perfect NO. By any means. You will never have a perfect form of government until we have perfect people and a Perfect person to govern us...Until then I choose to see my glass as half full, not half empty. With out being to long winded, We are Great because we are the exception to the rule because we were the First country designed  to be governed with the consent of the governed. We also have the longest history of a country transferring power without bloodshed. We have become one of the greatest economic powers on this earth (because of our free market system and freedoms) in just 242 years over countries that  have been around thousands. (Just look at what happens to world markets when our stumble)  If that is not enough, Take the USA out of the historical equation; Britain, Poland, Hungary, etc. would speak German and be under Nazi rule and the fare east to include Australia would speed Japanese. Even today, we do things throughout the world that other countries can't do such as send teams in yearly into Africa to inoculate tribal children , supplying the former Soviet Union (CIS- Commonwealth of Independent States) with needed medical equipment (Which both I was involved in) to assisting the tsunami victims in Asia with our medical ships saving hundreds if not thousands. I could go on.... So, to conclude GREAT, YES. PERFECT...Absolutly a resounding NO.  In my humble opinion, GOD's work in progress. Just a thought


Correct. thank you

As you said, it is better than other countries. So, in a relative sense, it is great(er) than anywhere else. But yes, it certainly can be improved.

Add to rule of law..... equal treatment under the law.

Mac , I like your answer better, but in my defense, My thoughts were too much on our Government and not on the country as a whole.  Thanks. ds

First we had the Declaration of Independence. It presented to the world the Spirit of America: belief in a Creator, the equality of mankind, the rule of Natural Law, and rights granted to mankind by a higher being than any on earth. The king of England, nor any earthly king from then till now, likes that. That's why so many other countries hate America. That's H.

The US Constitution came later. It is the Letter: the role of government is limited to the protection of man's god-given rights. Kings and despots hate that idea too. That's A.

No other country has or ever has these two documents. One is the Spirit, and the other is the Letter.

So my response to the questionnaire is A and H. I don't think there are any wrong answers. They are all correct, it's just a matter of which order one places on them.

Yes, America can be greater, as has been pointed out. But that is also another difference between America and all other countries - for us there is no limit - we actually can be better.

But we must strive for it. By the sweat of our brow shall we eat the fruit of the earth.




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