A well presented Article on vanishing Freedom today:


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How well said is that we have basically have a one party system.


Good article my friend. It should wake people up.

That would take an event bigger then 9-11 to pull these peoples faces away from their cell phones and Facebook. That also was a quote from William Oehlecker Sr.

A wise, savvy man was your father, Bill! Yeah, I doubt any thing less will be forgotten

quickly. Maybe, when a City goes up in smoke, or it gags and dies from fumes unleashed

from Chemical Weapons! Maybe...maybe....

Sounds like you could use a little media help, I have a friend with a independent network....?

I'm not quite sure what you are speaking of, Bradan. Could you send me an email ?


Thanks, Bradan!


First off you should never share your email address on the net, I am not sure how big you all wish for this to be, I have friends, activist, and some who have news medias, social networking connections.

 Lets say, a news media blitz, a hot juicy video- Sons Of Liberty- then a directive of the event, in other words, what do you wish to accomplish ?

 To have this seen as a media event, like the Million Bikers that went to DC, you need to be creative.................

Well, here's a step in the right direction for Tennessee, anyway.....

BREAKING: Tennessee Assembly Declares War on Obama, Refugees


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