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Been thinking the same thing. Article is much more articulate than I am though.

I re-shared the linked info, thank you, and I also was emailed a share.

Ted Cruz For President and His Involvement in the Child Abuse “Kids For Cash”

                                          Hank Jordan's Foxed News

If we study the Old Testament and study history of that time that reflects what the bible is saying is pretty much up front. Every time Israel went astray outsiders took them over they were doing what felt good to them. Jump ahead to America and outsiders have taken over they are not taking over they already have  invaded. We have the same system of law makers and politicians of the time of Jesus doing what they want to do. We have a society which we can see at China-mart aka Wal-Mart even some of their employees dumbed down and out of touch. A do whatever feels good nation with homosexuals seeing red anytime God or Jesus is brought up with hate and anger. Hollywood and the school systems promoting this insane behavior go try it you will like it. The worst parenting in the world teaching all your problems are somebody else's fault no work ethic moms and daughters going on date nights. To hell with family traditions and church we do not need this is the new America. 


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