Easy cup holder for any bike....doesn't require permanent mounting...great idea

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Pretty cool !!! I may try this on my Victory.

I will too.......Post a pic if you get it done.  Jason (NJ) had one of my old phone holders he used for the Sturgis trip for his Vap-Mod and it worked fine until he got about 50 miles from home.  The velcro was a little short and we put a safety pin through it and mounted it to is IPASS holder.  He had to put the IPass in when he got close to home, and used just the velcro and it came off in his lap luckily or he'd have lost the expensive Vaporizer.  The issue for most of us is we want something for trips that doesn't require a permanent mount.  I've got one of those "clamp on" bottle holders they sell at every bike show: 

A:  It only holds certain sized things
B: It's slips and rolls down because you can't get it to clamp tight enough and when you hit a bump in tips

C: It's hard plastic and takes up too much space in your saddle bag.

This may be the ticket! :) 


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