Hey all! Okay, it's time to get this thing rolling. This past year ended up being kind of a bust because of medical issues, but that's all fixed and we're ready to go.

To start things out I'd like to set some goals for 2013. They're not overly ambitious, but I believe will kick-start things here in Wisconsin.


  • Increase state membership. Target is an average of 2 new members per month.
  • Get greater member involvement. Granted, we're pretty scattered right now, but that doesn't mean we can't be active and involved. I'm willing to travel on occasion to help with this.
  • Identify additional state officers. We have several positions open, including Vice-President, Road Captain and Secretary (my wife resigned). If you are interested or know someone who is, please contact me. I live in Rock county (Beloit). Ideally, I'd like at least one of the other officers located in a different section of the state so we can coordinate drives and events.

Political Goals: When the Senate and Assembly reconvene in January, we will identify legislative issue(s) that we, as a group, would like to get involved with. 'Involvement' will mean to meet, in person and via email and snail mail, with our elected officials and let them know we are a political group that wants to be involved.

Affiliations: The goal here is to become affiliated with other groups, such as local TEA Party groups, Americans for Prosperity, etc. so that our out-reach is expanded.

Gathering: I would like to plan and see a state-wide gathering in late Spring. Pittsville is the geographic center of WI, so I think Marshfield would be a pretty centrally located spot. Ideas and suggestions are welcomed.

There are a number of states that are growing very rapidly. I'm going to be in contact with their leaders to see what they're doing and see if we can adapt those things to work in Wisconsin.

I believe that 2013 is going to be a banner year for Sons of Liberty Riders, and I'm proud to be a part of that growth.

Facebook Page: I don't do Facebook so if anyone is interested in maintaining our SoLR State Facebook page please let me know.

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Cal, I, myself or Joe here in Burnett county can and will do whatever it is (position) that you need help with, as our convo went earlier on the phone.

That's great, Terry! Talk between yourselves and just let me know. We need a Vice President, Sergeant at Arms, Secretary and Road Captain. I would greatly appreciate anything you could do.

Cal, if you're interested in those ends, please contact me so that I can pass on some information that I'm sure will help meet those 'affiliation goals.  I'm up in Oneida County.

If you don't have my #, drop me a note and we'll connect.



Thanks, Jim. Real busy time at work for me right now but should settle down after the 1st. I'll check my roster and make sure your number is on it. If not I'll send you a note.

Not a problem. Glad to make a connection or two if I can


New Members please read

If you are NEW to SOLR:

  1. Join your state page,scroll down. Click on the name of your state and "JOIN".
  2. Contact the State President or leader.  NOT ALL STATES HAVE ONE.  If you are in a state that doesn't have leadership, get involved and try and reach out to the other members on the page.  Find another person who can help you get something going....then get involved.
  3. Read the by-laws, participate in the chat, reply to articles, and learn the ropes of how the site works.
  4. If you have a question post it in the chat room.  Someone should be able to answer it for you there.  If not contact your state leader or post it as a Discussion.
  5. Have fun and get involved politically!  While we are mostly "riders" many are not and our mission is POLITICAL 1st.....

We do have shirts available.  http://americanlibertyriders.ning.com/page/solr-store-1

Back Logos are only available through your State President.....they will explain...and work with new members on "how" you go about getting one.

Acta Non Verba,

Sidecar Dan-National President


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