Today something very bad happened in Burnett County byt the Sheriff's Department. A local storage facility had several units broken into. as that unit renters arrived, the Sheriffs deputies were demanding that they provide finger prints and DNA samples so they could eliminate them as suspects. I will be protesting the department by myself for the unreasonable search and seizure of the victims. Anyone willing to to lend a hand with this would be greatly appreciated. Please PM me or text me @ 715-33-0946....THANKS Terry Blake Wi VP

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Hoop is right, we are unfortunately surrounded by folks who are ignorant concerning their civil rights. I think that you could have an increased impact, while raising awareness in the Siren area, if you write a letter to the editor of the local county area paper. You could start with the 4th amendment, state everything you know about the incident, cite the recent Supreme Court decision, then end with your opinion that "This is a violation of rights"! This is what I do in Pierce County, where I have lost every liberal friend. I have made enemies, but I have also received many appreciative comments, even some "god bless you". If you need some help with composition, send me what you have to and I will give you a hand. After all, we are in a battle to free the minds of those we come in contact with. Scott  



Scott, I could use all the help I can get in my own personal constitutional violation with the same department. If you would please call me tomorrow or any time. I would like to get my brothers and sisters in SOLR involved. I need to contact Hoop again. If you don't have my number let me know an I will get it to you.

What is the number and best time of day to catch you?


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