[ByLaws and Mission]

 By-Laws and Mission

Preamble and Vision

The Sons of Liberty Riders is comprised of people from all walks of life. Akin to the original Sons of Liberty, we seek to unite patriots for the cause of liberty. We believe the Declaration of Independence still rings true. We continue, “… to hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, - That “whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and institute new Government…”

Our forefathers sought to create a “more perfect union”, and did so with the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights. The Sons of Liberty Riders are actively involved in reclaiming these ideals and restoring the Republic. We believe in STRICT adherence to the founding documents. We live by the mantra “Acta non Verba” (Action not Words) in order to hold all elected officials accountable to their sworn oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

Article I. Name and Purpose

Section 1.01 Name

The name of this organization shall be Sons of Liberty Riders. The official website is SonsOfLibertyRiders.com, with the possibility of additional websites to be used and/or linked back to the main one.

Section 1.02 Mission, Objective & Beliefs

(a) Mission Statement: The Sons of Liberty Riders is a gathering of friends-family dedicated to educational and political activity for the preservation of the Constitution of the United States of America, free market and the rule of law. Sons of Liberty Riders supports peaceful and non-threatening efforts to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic, in order to preserve our uniquely American way of life.

(b) General Objectives of the Sons of Liberty Riders are to:

i) Promote strict adherence to four basic principles:

• The Constitution of the United States of America is the supreme law of the land.

• Limited government

• Fiscal responsibility

• True free markets

ii) Unite like-minded individuals who believe in the principles of liberty.

iii) Educate patriots and like-minded groups via the Sons of Liberty Riders website and related media (radio, TV, chat rooms, postings, etc.) by creating dialogue and discussion.

iv) Promote specific legislative agenda and beliefs as outlined in Appendix.

Article II. Organization

Section 2.01 National

(a) The Sons of Liberty Riders National Council consists of seven Officers.

(b) The purpose is to create a functional mechanism, in which all the States reflect the Mission Statement, Objectives, Beliefs and By-Laws.

(c) Duties of National Council:

i) President: Serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Shall make final decisions in consultation with National Council.

ii) Vice-President: Advise president and receive duties; as directed by president. Shall assume temporary Presidential authority if directed by President or in emergency situations.

iv) Sergeant at Arms: Shall enforce the rules as outlined in By-Laws. Shall serve as the point of contact for all State Sergeant at Arms; in order to resolve State issues in accordance with By-Laws.

v) Coordinator: Maintain website and radio programs. Shall serve as a key-point in the communication chain of command for emergency/urgent communication and website issues.

vi) Road Captain: Logistical lead for National rides and head Officer during rides. Shall serve as the point of contact for all State Road Captains.

vii) Secretary/Information Officer: Shall be the administrative/informational, record keeping and advisor for National Council. Serves as primary contact for administrative and non-emergency issues in the communication chain of command.

viii) Public Relations/Events Officer: Shall be the point of contact for media and National events coordination for all National approved events.

(d) National Advisors may be appointed, as deemed necessary and are subject to duties as designed by the National Council. National Advisors are non-voting members.

(e) National Council shall meet a minimum of once per year, at a sanctioned event for the purpose of reviewing necessary organizational issues.

(f) National Council may vote on policy change with a simple majority. The National President shall retain a veto option on all policy.

Section 2.02 Regional

(a) Regional Coordinator. Appointed by the National Vice-President in consultation with the National Council.

(b) Duties: Under the direction of the National Vice President the Regional Coordinator will present the Mission Statement, Objectives, Beliefs and By-Laws to new States. They are considered representatives of the National board in the area assigned. The Regional Coordinator shall take no action binding upon any State without prior authorization from the National Council.

(c) Regional Coordinator may attend any open meeting of the National Council. Regional Coordinators are non-voting members.

(d) Further evolution and responsibilities, if deemed necessary will be implemented via the National Council.

Section 2.03 State

(a) The State Council consists of five Officer Positions: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Sgt. at Arms and Road Captain. The National Council will appoint a State President. All other State Officers are appointed and serve at the pleasure of the State President. These Officers hold all operational and administrative responsibilities over the State. Officer responsibilities are akin to those as stated for the National Council with the scope at the State level. The five State Officers (Council) will be the only recognized Officer positions within the State. However the State President may appoint selected special representatives for their State (i.e. Chaplain, Fair Tax, Oath Keepers etc.). These appointments are subject to the approval of the National Council. Once per year, at select National events, a representative Officer from every State will take part in a meeting to propose changes in SOLR policy/procedure. The National Council for consideration of adoption will review proposals.

The State Council may vote on administrative procedures (not By-Laws) with a simple majority; President retaining veto authority.

(b) Duties of the State Officers:

i. State President

• Communicating and implementing the organization’s Vision, Mission, Objectives, and overall direction.

• Leading, guiding, directing and evaluating the work of the State Officers and District Coordinators.

• Spokesperson for SOLR at an event. He/she may delegate this duty if needed. All questions and official positions are to be directed to the State President or designated representative only.

ii. State Vice President

• Shall assume temporary presidential authority if directed by President or in emergency situations.

• Assisting the State President in evaluating the success of the organization. Maintaining the awareness of both the current State membership and the recruiting of new members.

• Performing other responsibilities as assigned by the State President.

iii. State Sergeant at Arms

• Assists with the professional, public appearance and behavior of the State members while on a run, function, meeting, or event

• Shall enforce the By-Laws in coordination with the State Council.

iv. State Information Officer (Secretary)

• Has By-Laws, attendance and meeting minutes.

• Shall be the administrative/informational, record keeping and advisor for State Council. Serves as primary contact for administrative and non-emergency issues in the communication chain of command.

v. State Road Captain

• Logistical lead for rides and head officer during rides.

• Assists in the planning of routes for SOLR rides with the event originator.

• Collaborates with the Sergeant at Arms, on the safety and security of the members (particularly Officers) on a run, function, meeting, or event.

• Collaborates with the Sergeant at Arms, on the safety and security of the members (particularly Officers) on a run, function, meeting, or event.

(c) District Coordinators are to be appointed by the State President. States may appoint more than one District Coordinator when/where appropriate. Such as: D1 may have D1a (to cover the northern section) D1b (to cover the southern section). All District Coordinators shall meet at least once per year, at selected State events, to propose changes to SOLR policy/procedure. Proposals will be reviewed by State for consideration of adoption. District Coordinators may appoint ad hoc volunteers (non-titled), as needed, to assist in the District. We are NON-territorial. Map boundaries are for administrative purposes only. It is imperative that leader considers the safety and well-being of members at all times. District Coordinators will be allowed to attend any open meeting of the State Council. District Coordinators are non-voting members, but can influence policy by length of service, loyalty and involvement.

i. Duties:

• Recruit new members

• Point of contact for local liberty groups.

• Educate within the local sphere

• Build relationship/structure at the local levels, using By-Laws and ad-hoc volunteers as needed.

(d) Membership: Members are free to associate with any District or County of their choosing without limitation. All members regardless of location are State Sons of Liberty Riders, with no further official subdivision recognized within the State except as administrative demands. Members shall have a forum to communicate their ideas, issues or grievances; of which the District will take note and consider and/or send to State for further discussion. The forum shall be made available to all members. Members will not disrupt official business or shut down meetings. Only meetings approved by the State or District Leader(s) are deemed official. There can be NO authority over member’s personal habits, decisions or actions OUTSIDE of official business/events/meetings. Membership can shape policy through their discussion, expertise and involvement. However, all policy changes shall follow procedure. Procedure is considered - written (ideas, issues/grievance) delivered to the ranking officer for discussion at the next appropriate meeting of the State Council.

Article III. Communication

A sensible method of communication shall be implemented for the purpose of clarity and progress.

Section 3.01 National Council Communication

(a) National Council shall meet once per month via phone conference to discuss relevant issues.

(b) All non-emergency items shall be directed to the National Secretary/Information Officer/Information Officer to be placed on the agenda for the monthly National Council phone conference.

(c) All emergency items shall be directed to the National Coordinator (FIRST), at which time the National Coordinator will contact the National President and Vice-President for directive. If the National President or Vice-President is unavailable, the National Coordinator shall be authorized to act with a temporary order, which will stand until the National President, or Vice-President is reached. If the National Coordinator is unavailable the Vice-President may be contacted directly.

The chain of contact is: National Coordinator-->National Vice-President -->National President->National Sgt at Arms-->

National Secretary/Information Officer.

Section 3.02 State Communication

(a) State Council shall meet once per month via phone conference to discuss relevant issues.

(b) Communicating with National Council: All non-emergency items shall be discussed at the monthly State Presidents phone conference with the National Council. All such items shall be directed to the National Secretary/Information Officer/Information Officer for placement on the monthly agenda. Emergency items shall be directed FIRST to the National Coordinator.

(c) Communicating within State: All non-emergency items shall be discussed monthly between State President and State Officers.

(d) All emergency items shall be directed to the Officer designated by the State President only.

(e) District Coordinators shall set a like system of communication via approval of the State President.

Section 3.03 Social Media

The purpose of social media is to relay information. While a useful tool for socializing and discussing topics it is extremely open to abuse and infiltration. State President and/or administrators of his/her choosing shall monitor the official National, State and District pages of Facebook and similar social media. Administrators have the authority to remove any member and content when appropriate.

Article IV. Logos & Artwork Obligations

Small Logos are available to anyone for purchase via the website.

Section 4.01 SOLR Back Logo

(a) State Presidents will be responsible for the distribution of the SOLR Back Logo. They will also be responsible for the submission of the proceeds of the sale forwarded to the National Sgt. at Arms. The official SOLR Back Logo will be ordered and delivered to the requesting State President. State leadership will hand out at their discretion. It is suggested delivery be made in person and to active members only. No SOLR rockers, of any kind, will be allowed. No rockers above or below SOLR Logo giving appearance of club status will be approved (NO EXCEPTIONS).

(i) Officers and District Coordinators

1) Vests with crude-racial language, offensive/sexual pictures, no stars and bars. All patriot, military and neutral patches are welcomed.

2) It is recommended, not required, you have an exclusive SOLR vest for the SOLR Back Logo and patriot patches.

3) It is recommended (NOT mandated) the SOLR vest be primarily worn for SOLR events, rides and meetings. If you choose to wear it casually, be prepared to understand biker culture and act accordingly

4) There will be no state, city or local name (i.e. “rocker”) on the vest. The National Council and State Officers have been working with clubs and COC’s in order to remain neutral in biker politics.

(ii) Members

1) Vests with the SOLR Back Logo are NOT required for membership.

2) We ask out of respect for the Organization and Mission that the members with the SOLR Back Logo adhere as closely to the “clean” vest as possible.

3) NO mandate or requirements are placed on member’s personal vests/attire.

4) Local leaders will use their best judgment and/or courtesy request and depending on circumstance, may ask members to cover items that are inappropriate. Their decisions are final and members can choose not to ride or participate when in disagreement.

Section 4.02 Sons of Liberty Riders Artwork

(a) ALL Sons of Liberty Riders logos and artwork are exclusive property of the Sons of Liberty Riders National Council. No duplication or modification is authorized without explicit permission from the National Sergeant at Arms. Items for approval are to be submitted to the National Secretary/Information Officer as (non-emergency), National Secretary/Information Officer will submit and await approval vie the National Sgt. at Arms.

(b) State Leadership is encouraged to utilize artwork for the purposes of state specific logo.

(c) Guidelines:

(i) Suggested location for the small logo is left breast area. However, it is not limited to this location.

(ii) The authorized patch size will not be larger than 6” x 6”.

(iii) Design may be modified to represent the individual state. However, the National Sergeant at Arms must approve ALL modifications prior to production.

(iv) No modification to artwork will be approved which includes the addition of text to imply territory. Logos/artwork may demonstrate State location ONLY through artwork (i.e. using the state outline with the Sons of Liberty Riders Logo superimposed over it).

Article V. Membership Requirements & Conduct

Section 5.01 Membership Requirements

(a) Membership in the Sons of Liberty Riders is at will and subject to approval by the Sons of Liberty Riders National Council.

(b) Approved members are free to come and go at their discretion.

(c) NO fee of any kind charged to membership.

(d) Motorcycles are not a prerequisite and all patriots are welcome to join.

(e) Sons of Liberty Riders are NOT a motorcycle club.

(f) Vests with the official SOLR Back Logo are NOT required for membership.

Section 5.02 Conduct

(a) Sons of Liberty Riders do NOT condone or tolerate ANY illegal or violent activity. Any person, of any position, who engages in illegal or violent behavior, including discussions, which may be construed as such, shall be removed immediately from Sons of Liberty Riders. Removal may be requested for spamming, solicitation, and harassment.

(b) Each member is responsible for their own actions inside and outside of the Sons of Liberty Riders.

(c) Members are NOT “official” spokespersons for the entire Sons of Liberty Riders organization.

(d) We strongly encourage working with other patriot groups but will not be officially bound with any.

(e) Officers and District Coordinators will be speaking for the entire organization in front of media and patriot groups. The objective is to keep the focus on the Mission Goals since they will be the spokesperson representing the entire Sons of Liberty Riders organization at the event or interview. ****KNOW THE By-Laws**** It is the responsibility of the SOLR representative to know the By-Laws and accurately represent the mission and cause.

(f) The ranking officer is the spokesperson for SOLR at an event. He/she may delegate this duty if needed. All questions and official positions are to be directed to the designated representative only.

(g) The SOLR image will be uniformly represented across the Nation. Officers will use their best judgment, depending on circumstance, to assure compliance by volunteer members when participating in SOLR events, rides and meetings.

(h) Association with divisive issues (gay rights, religion, and pro/anti -union) will not be supported/opposed as/with official positions. These are issues that individuals should decide for themselves, without the use of SOLR endorsements. “Social” issues may or may not be an appropriate avenue for official position within Sons of Liberty Rider. Each individual case/circumstance will be addressed by State in consultation with National.

Article VI. Waiver of Release

Sons of Liberty Riders and ALL websites pertaining are neither incorporated nor legally registered with any governmental entity. Absolutely ALL responsibility and conduct, in ALL forms, is the responsibility of the individual participating in ANY and ALL gatherings, rides, and events of any and ALL manner. The State President shall approve ALL official rides, regardless of location. Before the event or actual departure of vehicles the Waiver Release form MUST be signed by ALL participants (riders, guests/passengers, and etc.). There are NO exceptions. The official waver of release form is located on the main Sons of Liberty Rider website.

Article VII. Revisions to By-Laws

The most current version of the By-Laws supersedes all previous versions as well as precedent set or understood which contradicts policy or procedure. Changes in policy may be obtained ONLY through the procedure set in place (Once a year meeting or petition delivered to National Secretary/Information Officer from State Officers). The National Secretary/Information Officer will notify National Council of requests and the discussions will take place at the monthly National meeting. A comment period of one week will be set for membership involvement on major changes or issues effecting the By-Laws or SOLR policy. Any State Officer may present comments directly to the National Council for opinion in the matter at hand. All changes to the By-Laws will be done so by a majority vote of the National Council; with veto power in place. Adopted changes will be made public immediately via e-mail notification and via website. Revisions, addition and/or deletions to By-Laws are at the sole discretion of the National Council.

Article VIII Appendix

Appendix shall contain specific legislation and beliefs promoted by the Sons of Liberty Riders. This appendix may be altered as needed to reflect current/relevant legislation and positions.

Appendix- Current Legislation and Beliefs

•  To support an immediate and complete Audit of the Federal Reserve (HR 459,S 202) by the GAO, and promote consideration for its closure (i.e. End the Fed).

•  Repeal of the 16th Amendment. Support HR25/S13 (the Fair Tax) which accomplishes the desired tax reform.

•  Support a balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution of The United States of America.

•  Repeal the Patriot Act and closure of all Fusion Centers operating as citizen data collection centers.

•  Repeal or nullification of any/all legislation respecting Agenda 21 Project and/or any United Nations mandate/law/authority over the United States.

•  Congress shall not be exempt from any legislation.

•   Abolish the Federal Department of Education.  Educational decisions and funding should be localized within States.

•   No legislation voted upon which contains amendments not specifically within the scope of the bill.

•   Support a Federal Spending Limitation with a Budget Cap

•   No government regulation, restriction or control of the Internet.

•   Abolish the Departments of: Energy, EPA, HUD and others not specifically authorized by the Constitution.

•   Repeal of the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (Obamacare).

•   Enforcement of the existing immigration laws.

•   No further encroachment onto 2nd Amendment Rights and a repeal of unconstitutional ones already in place.

•   There should be no lifetime salary or benefits for Congress. Once out of office all compensation shall cease.

•   Regulatory authority shall exist only within agencies under the direction of a cabinet-level department and only with Congressional approval

* Any/All items-issues that receive the official support of the Sons Of Liberty Riders shall be Constitutionally sound. The specific item must be explicitly denoted in the text of The Constitution. Any item that cannot be supported specifically and directly in the text of The Constitution of The United States is NOT authorized to become an official position. **


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