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Comment by John Cassata on July 12, 2018 at 5:10pm

HI everyone, I am interested in getting a back patch. How would I go about getting one?

Comment by Bob Keller on July 12, 2018 at 9:34am

2XL is fine as well

Comment by Bob Keller on July 12, 2018 at 9:29am
Deanna, I would like to get one each long and short sleeve.
Both XL
Comment by Deanna - MN Pres on July 11, 2018 at 10:08am

I have 6 black SOLR t-shirts , still in bags (I ran out of members in my state).2-XL short sleeve, 2-XL long sleeve, 2-XXL short sleeve. Let me know if anyone is interested. Cost is for mailing only. If OK with National, will mail to State Presidents only.

Comment by Dan Garner National President on July 10, 2018 at 4:58pm

Taken care of Sarah....thanks for letting us know. 

Comment by Sara M Stewart on July 10, 2018 at 2:10pm

Reporting a spam email.

Comment by Tim " Longo" Longoria on June 3, 2018 at 8:43pm

Mr. Dan,

I understand we are not a club. but why do we have a patch for the back of a vest. is that not representing a club? I live in the burbs of Atlanta and a lot of clubs have a patch for the back of the vest. I know groups that are not clubs do also wear them, Like PGR, HOG... do we fall in those same type of groups? I'm just worried that if we are not a club why do we look like one? We have rank a structure, bylaws, regions, everything says that we are a club.  what would an outsider think? I don't have the luxury to go to Bike Week, Sturiges, and the Wall. I am a proud citizen that loves my country though.   I haven't done anything with the GA group.  I work almost 7 days a week but I do follow you all on here.  I'm one of those behind the scenes kinda fella, who rides my Harley to work on clear days

Comment by Dr. Dan Eichenbaum on May 29, 2018 at 12:09pm

Sorry to have missed RT this year.  James and I made an "executive" decision to sit this one out due to tropical storm Alberto and the bad weather that accompanied it.  In hindsight, we would have been able to ride up and do the RT ride fine, but coming home Monday and Tuesday would have been unpleasant and dangerous on two wheels.

As President of NC-SoLR, I have been concentrating on rides and events with SoLR groups in western NC, northern SC, northern GA, eastern TN, and northern AL for geographic reasons.  There are enough active members in those geographic areas to make for fun rides and events.  Our "Stand for the Flag/Kneel for God" event on Saturday June 16 (see "EVENTS" tab) will have attendees from all five areas and is in sponsored by SoLR, Joshua's Warriors, and local American Legion Rider groups.  Our 7th annual Benghazi-Twin Towers Memorial Ride is scheduled for Saturday September 15, sponsored by the same groups and will have region-wide attendance.  In between, we plan regional fun rides - i.e., we all converge on a restaurant that is more or less centrally located for food and fellowship. 

That is the news from the southeast region.  We are active and invite all to participate.

Dr. Dan

President NC-SoLR

Comment by Dan Garner National President on May 29, 2018 at 11:16am

Just back from Rolling Thunder in DC, answering questions below:  We still have members in virtually every state, people come and go all the time.  Remember we are not a "Motorcycle Club" and even when everyone who joins acknowledges that, sometimes that's what people are looking for, SOLR has never been a club (re-read your by laws and our mission statement)  The experience here is what you make of it and we are still active and involved in politics and advocating for a Constitutionally limited government.   

We don't currently have any on Gruntstyle.com because they've gone from a 5 person company (when we started with them) to a Multimillion dollar brand.  We don't have an official supplier of "gear" to replace them at this point.  Message me directly and I can give you someone to contact there to see if they have anything left in your size (the did have some in stock, just not on the website when I last checked in)

Comment by John Ellerby (Little John) on May 28, 2018 at 10:23am

Got to ask, IS THIS SITE DEAD? It now looks like Arizona and New Mexico have pulled out.

Comment by Lew M Wallace on April 13, 2018 at 2:29pm

Not been on site for quite awhile due to poor health. Doing better now but wondering if the group has shifted to facebook as Oathkeepers has? Also have out grown my SOLR tee, are they still available at Grunt.com?

Thanks,In Liberty,


Comment by John Ellerby (Little John) on March 17, 2018 at 11:04am

Looks like all of the New Mexico Officers have resigned and bailed acording to their facebook page but they are still listed on here. What's up?

Comment by Dr. Dan Eichenbaum on April 2, 2017 at 10:50am

Vohn Busby

See my comments to you about RT in my welcoming message to you.

Dr. Dan


Comment by Eilana Caswell - Nat. Secretary on April 2, 2017 at 10:18am

You may also go to the events page and under Rolling Thunder ask there.

Comment by Eilana Caswell - Nat. Secretary on April 2, 2017 at 10:18am

You would need to join the South Carolina page and ask over there.  This board is only seen by the Admin of the page.

Comment by Vohn Busby on April 2, 2017 at 10:16am

Is anyone from SOLR South Carolina riding and attending Rolling Thunder?

Comment by John A Smaldone on February 6, 2017 at 8:51pm

Happy New year all,

I am still here and have not resigned. However, I see that Thomas Leigh has resigned and asked to be removed from SOLR. I side with Roger "B;aster" Smith by asking Tom, not to leave, we need you!

Also, the meet and greet offered by Roderick Bingham does sound great. One of these days I would love to meet many of you. You are all great patriots and do great things!

To all my Bro's, God speed,


Comment by Roger "Blaster" Smith on January 8, 2017 at 9:43pm
No Tom! we need you
Comment by Dr. Dan Eichenbaum on August 20, 2016 at 8:31am

I am concerned that "baa boola" from Gabon is spam.  Her page is private and you have to be a friend to view it.  It lists her as "member", but was it screened? 

Dr. Dan

Comment by robert casey on July 1, 2016 at 6:02pm

I would like to attend some meetings or events but kind find any close to my area I live in southern Ohio Gallia county any idea's or info greatly appreciated

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If you are NEW to SOLR:

  1. Join your state page,scroll down. Click on the name of your state and "JOIN".
  2. Contact the State President or leader.  NOT ALL STATES HAVE ONE.  If you are in a state that doesn't have leadership, get involved and try and reach out to the other members on the page.  Find another person who can help you get something going....then get involved.
  3. Read the by-laws, participate in the chat, reply to articles, and learn the ropes of how the site works.
  4. If you have a question post it in the chat room.  Someone should be able to answer it for you there.  If not contact your state leader or post it as a Discussion.
  5. Have fun and get involved politically!  While we are mostly "riders" many are not and our mission is POLITICAL 1st.....

We do have shirts available.  http://americanlibertyriders.ning.com/page/solr-store-1

Back Logos are only available through your State President.....they will explain...and work with new members on "how" you go about getting one.

Acta Non Verba,

Sidecar Dan-National President


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