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This is a very important issue. Without the filibuster, the liberals can cram their agenda down our throats! PLEASE make the call!

Campaign for Liberty

Dear Michael,

Harry Reid is determined to gut the filibuster...

And he's threatening illegal rule changes to force Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to accept his "deal."

That's why it is VITAL you call Senator Mitch McConnell IMMEDIATELY and demand he REJECT any of Reid's plans to gut…


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Agenda 21

Great presentation, must watch:


Added by Mike "Foil Hat" Degrood Ex-Pres. on November 23, 2012 at 3:13pm — No Comments

There's still a chance to get rid of Obama!!!

I just read this article, it sounds too good to be true. Apparently there is actually a way to legally force Obama out and get Romney in. Check it out:


If this is true, we need to get the word out right away. Then, we the people, must contact the electors, party officials and…


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Restore the Republic!

   The previously mentioned web site may not be the right one. It should be www.restoretherepublic.com/ but it isn't working now.  Punch up Gary Franchi, he spearheads the organization. And check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCxhMrNDDn8 to see his interview with Ron Paul.


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Restore the Republic!

   Since the release of the eye-opening movie "America - Freedom to Fascism" by Aaron Russo, this organization has been very active in promoting freedom, and educating the masses about the true condition of our country. Check them out, you might like them: http://www.restoretherepublic.org/

    They also publish a great magazine called "Republic", which is great for enlightening those dumbed-down by the liberal media. It's a great way…


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