I sent this by US mail to two address for Donald Trump. One was the White House.

Seventeen April 2018

Dear Donald Trump,

You have made the comments that you want to create Tariffs to balance out the trade deficit with China,

You have made comments about wanting to tax Amazon to balance trade in the US between internet sales and brick and mortar sales. You think all retail should be taxed the same.

You have also made statements about reforming the income tax to make it simple. I read, that you said that “next year you will only have to fill out one page.”

I’m sure that Mike Huckabee has told you there is abetter way? Hasn’t he? Well allow me to.

You can accomplish everything you are asking for with one simple plan. Pass H.R.25 ! It will cause the US products to decrease in cost to China by a minimum of 20%. This accomplishes what you want with some thing that China can’t retaliate against. Lower prices for China, making our products more desirable, in stead of higher prices for the US which tariffs will do. .

You want to make sure that Amazon is not given an advantage over brick and morter , but you have suggested taxing the public more to accomplish this. Why? Just pass H.R 25 the FairTax and Amazon and all companies will pay the same. Nothing! Instead they will be collecting a consumption tax which will tax every one the same. At the same time it decreases costs for ALL business and amazingly will bring in more money for Politicians to be able to waste. It also eliminates corporate taxes some thing you have already proven helps the economy. If lowering helps, it did, imagine what eliminating will do! It is a win for every one!

Income tax reform???? Why try to fix some thing that is not only broken but is also theft. We have a system that if we don’t pay, we get penalized or even go to Jail. Is that Freedom? NO! Why not eliminate the income tax altogether. Forget the idea of one page reporting and compliance costs! END the IRS completely! No reporting of income. None. Not one page! Not any pages! April fifteen is just another spring day. Imagine if I could get my entire pay check with NO Federal With holding! Pass the FAirTax, H.R.25 and watch the economy soar.

You took an Oath of office. Most of the time you seem to be in compliance. I realize that congress is standing in the way and you have to do what you have to do, to MAGA. But please keep the Constitution foremost in your mind.

FairTAx: NO Income theft. No duplicate taxation, No tax on some thing that has already been taxed. Used goods are not taxed, (imagine if we had incentive to reuse) No corporate tax! No costly compliance costs. Every one who is here in the US pays the same tax. ( Illegals, prostitutes, every one!) FairTax creates a “cash” system fore every one. Every one gets paid under the table, so to speak. NO FEDERAL WITHHOLDING!   It eliminates the incentive to hire those who will work for cash and who will not cost the employer the expense of keep track of what is owed the government! . Every employee will not have a Federal tax applied to their employment. Pay as you go! No record keeping needed for the purpose of getting back as much as you can of what was stolen during the year. OH, and the Best part!! H.R 25 The FairTax, ENDS the income tax AND the IRS ! How can we go wrong with that? One bill. Does everything you are wanting to do. MAGA!

Thank you David Shipp. 828 243 2489

A Proud member of Mark Meadow’s constituents.

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Comment by Shipp "Shippreck" (NC) on April 17, 2018 at 10:19pm

I sent some thing similar to Mark Meadows office via email. Not as long, but encouraging him to speak to the president. If every one reading this would also send a letter, we might make a difference. You don't have to make the words your own. When some one gets hundreds of letters, they are not going to read every word of some thing, once read, they get the jist of the second and third and forth time. The purpose is to show that we the people are watching. We took the time to address an envelope and buy a stamp. Fifty cents now/!  I hope you will join me. At least write to your congressman.

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