List of Books to read to become more informed.

1.Declaration of Independence.
2.The Constitution
3.Bill of Rights
4.Federalist Papers
5.Liberty Inherited, by John Hancock
6.America:Imagine a world without her,by Dinesh D'Souza
7.Common Sense,by Glen Beck
8.Economics in one lesson, byHenry Hazlitt
9.1984, by George Orwell,Erich Fromm
10.A Voters Handbook, by Judge James P.Grey
11.Rules for patriots,by Steve Deace
12.Liberal Fascism,by Johan Goldberg
13.Confessions of an economic hit man,by John Perkins
14.Journey For Freedom,by Peter Vodenka
15.Crazies to the left of me,Wimps to the right,byBernard Goldberg
16.Common Sense,by Thomas Paine
17.Democracy in America,by Alexis deToqueville
18.The Republican Party, by Dr.Ronald Laone
19.The Amateur ,by Edward Klein
20.the Naked Communist,by W.Kleon Skousen
This List is what was given to me by SOLR members, please give me feedback on this list along with any comments about these books.
I haven't read all of them myself but I wanted to get a list together so I'd know what is some good books to read.
If you have any more books that should be on this list please comment or e-mail me at

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