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At 9:05pm on August 20, 2019, Ron Ford said…

Cell number 208-631-3817

Email.  harley_deacon@hotmail.com

Eastern Oregon

At 8:58pm on August 20, 2019, Ron Ford said…

Thank you so much.  I'm proud to find a group of like minded Patriots who still believe we are free countrymen. I believe we are the last generation who knew what true freedom was in this great country. May GOD bless you and your family.


At 8:51pm on August 20, 2019, Ron Ford said…


At 10:10am on May 14, 2019, Victor Chavez said…

Dr. Dan, here is my email:


I'm pretty good about getting back during the work week.

The weekends are a little touch-n-go

At 1:29pm on May 13, 2019, Victor Chavez said…

Thanks for the welcome Dr. Dan. I may join the NC as you suggested. I'm close to making contact with the good folks here in TN. We attended a local concert and missed each other in the crowd. lol

We'll try again soon

At 6:38am on March 7, 2019, Rick Smartt said…

Dr Dan,

Thanks for the contact!  New to the site (obviously), old veteran biker back after years of down time looking to connect with some like minded folks!  Still making my way around the site - don't see a lot of VA activity - any advice on VA organization or leadership?  My timing is horrible for an extended ride for RT, although I would like to ride up with some folks or join in on the 26th.



At 9:48pm on August 19, 2018, Lonnie L Long said…

Thank you. I should see you. I've done a ride with these guys, and followed them on FB. I have ridden with the PGR for years, but since moving, I'm not close to any of the groups, and was looking for some like minded brothers to ride with.

At 10:32am on August 5, 2018, Eastside said…

Thank u for the opportunity to b a liberty rider I am currently a member of the patriot guard riders 

At 6:06pm on July 16, 2018, John Cassata said…

Hello Dr. Dan!. Glad to be here. I live in Upstate New York, Rochester. Lived in Florida the past 20 years only to return home a year ago. Great bunch of people here. I plan on being very active on here.

At 11:07am on June 13, 2018, Jim Retzke said…

Thank you Sir!

At 7:40am on April 10, 2018, Frank Coury said…

Thank you Dr. Dan, looking forward to meeting you some day on a ride. I will look into, as you suggested, joining SC, NC and GA groups. It is a pleasure to join this organization. Thanks again, Frank

At 8:09am on April 25, 2017, Ken Beiber Ca President said…
I've been watching your posts and you are new energy that I love to see. I'm sure we will meet some day and I just wanted to say hello.
At 3:21pm on April 2, 2017, Vohn Busby said…

Dr. Dan..................where is the rallying point.  time and date?

At 2:34pm on March 26, 2017, Susan (AZ) Moore said…

Thank you Dr Dan, NMSOLR appreciates the help in defeating our anti-gun legislation. 

Would love to attend RT, will keep everyone posted, looks like an awesome time!

Take great care, thanks so much! Susan/AZ, NMSOLR

At 9:20pm on February 28, 2017, Rev. Dr. Rick Waite said…

Dan, is there an old kind of e-mail to reach you with.

I sent you a message yesterday, then I realized it was a non-reply site.

I don't do much more than e-mail because I'm not all as high tech as most. And I don't type too fast I don't any of those gizmos anyway.

Thanks,  Rick

At 1:57am on January 28, 2017, Tommy "Warrior" Cramer said…

Thanks Dan, Glad to be part of a great group of Patriots. Actually NM. has pretty liberal Gun and Ammo Laws currently, but yes its a Blue State, not by my choice this year for sure. I'm an independent.

At 11:41am on January 23, 2017, Dennis Miller said…
Hey Doc not sure if you'll get this, I'm new here just learning my way around. If you wouldn't mind a chat I've got a few questions. I'm highly motivated to go and dismantle these Muslim no go zones. Now and while we have a American in office. If you want to visit our website it's thestarcrown.org. We believe Action gets the job done. Thanks to everyone for your Patriotism
At 1:43pm on January 9, 2017, Larry Evans said…

Thank you for the welcome Dr. Dan.. Look forward to being part of this group... HAGD, Larry

At 9:19pm on November 2, 2016, Donna Johnson said…

Thank you for the welcome and great advise!

At 9:55pm on October 16, 2016, Richard R. Norman said…

I live in west of 441 in the boytnon, Lake Worth South Wellington Area.

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